The Royal Succession

The Royal Succession

Creating an heir to the throne

Chapter 1 by crunchyspag crunchyspag

The greatest upset in your short life has happened. Your older brother, chosen to be the heir, has perished. Shortly thereafter, your father, the king, died of grief. You have now been hastily removed from your church education, the traditional upbringing for the second son in your kingdom. One long and bumpy carriage ride later, you arrived at the castle where you spent the earlier days of your childhood. Sent away at age 7, there was a lot that you missed while studying scripture with the monks you thought yourself destined to join. A bit of lingering resentment fills you as you think this was all to be your brother's as you argued with old men over petty interpretational differences.

As of now, you are the nominal king, awaiting only your coronation.

What do you look like?

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