Fast-acting gender-swapping pills

Chapter 1 by Noah_Peal Noah_Peal

Pink pills change males to females.
Blue pills change females to males.
Purple pills (X-Trans) change males or females into transgenders, can be combined with pink or blue.

X-Change (Formula subject to change)
Acquired from unlicensed "street" vendors.
Changed (defective/in testing) formula.
High pregnancy risk.
Can lead to mental and/or continuing physical changes.
Pregnancy results in permanence.
More potential effects...(increased hormones/estrogen/testosterone, missing ingredients like pain killers)

X-Change Basic
Acquired from licensed dealers.
Pills last four hours each, can be stacked.
No pregnancy.

X-Change X-tra Strength
Acquired from licensed dealers.
Lasts one month.
12 consecutive doses results in permanence.
Lowered pregnancy risk.

X-Change Plus
Acquired from licensed dealers.
Permanent change.
Normal pregnancy risk.

X-Change Denial
Acquired from licensed dealers.
Makes orgasm impossible in swapped form.

X-Change Clone
Pill consumed with someone's DNA (strand of hair) turns you into a prefect clone.

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