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  1. Echobyss: States Of Survival by littlelate

    9 hours ago

    That's what you'll find in this otherworldy, endless war riddled with misguided, ill-fated soldiers, born with a sole purpose, cursed with infertility and limited mortality, and with no hope in a better world. Could they see their end of days and be spared of such a nonsensical burden, or would they die trying? The world of Echobyss explores that struggle at a large scale in a constant, fast-paced war that explores the inner and global conflict of the people doomed to live it despite how pointless it may be.

    104 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both
  2. X-Change by Noah_Peal

    2 days ago

    Take an X-Change and experience a new perspective.

    69 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Both
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  3. The Bhaalspawn's Harem by Derpy09

    1 month ago

    The life of a young adventurer from Candlekeep is about to change, while they struggle with dark, violent urges... and lusty ones.

    4 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Both
  4. «✵「Lustyre」✵» by YZS

    2 years ago

    Explore the fantastic lands of this sexy fantasy world. Visit multiple kingdoms. Travel all around diverse biomes. Make all sorts of friends. Fight along the greatest mythical heroes. Learn all the secrets, and unravel the extensive lore. But most importantly, meet, seduce, fall in love, fuck, and breed every single monster girl you can find!

    151 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both
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