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Adventure book style. 2 fingers, 1 hand and many happy endings.

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Recently Updated Sex Stories

  1. Pokemon Master or Bust! by Somburliss

    The story of a town whore with aspirations

    Fan Fiction 56 Chapters Deep 15 minutes ago

  2. The Gamer, Chyoa edition. by TheDespaxas

    Erotic spin off of the manwha: The Gamer.

    Science Fiction 282 Chapters Deep 17 minutes ago

  3. Absolute Gullibility Syndrome by samwalser

    A rare and dangerous mental illness.

    Mind Control 26 Chapters Deep 19 minutes ago

  4. by nikkikat

    A Futanari friendly dating site!

    Transsexual 9 Chapters Deep 23 minutes ago

  5. Defeat by modesty (enf) by Wulfblade

    A very one-sided ENF fight

    Fantasy 26 Chapters Deep 51 minutes ago

  6. Protect Your Wife/Girlfriend! by sammythewizard

    Can you keep her to yourself? Or will she be knocked up with a strangers baby! Play as the girl or man!

    Cheating Spouses 26 Chapters Deep 1 hour ago

  7. Boruto Next Generation Naruto by Ragnockae136

    Only just found out about the first episode so my take from different Shinobi's view

    Fan Fiction 80 Chapters Deep 1 hour ago

  8. At the Cabin by Duskford

    The sexy adventures of a group of friends at a cabin in the woods.

    Teen 219 Chapters Deep 2 hours ago

  9. Game Monster by Cantalope

    From Creep to Boss

    Science Fiction 79 Chapters Deep 2 hours ago

  10. Lois Lane's Night Out by exxxidor456

    Lois goes undercover and gets more than she bargained for...

    Fan Fiction 9 Chapters Deep 2 hours ago

  11. HouseMate! by JackOLantern

    The power to change your home is now in the palm of your hand!

    Incest 6 Chapters Deep 2 hours ago

  12. Slave4U by olly

    Power Aphrodisiac

    Mind Control 54 Chapters Deep 3 hours ago

  13. Unknown Knight by JoshRobinson180

    A Man becomes the Unknown Knight

    Fantasy 14 Chapters Deep 3 hours ago

  14. Size Matters by idahoboy

    A young man has an obsession

    Science Fiction 40 Chapters Deep 3 hours ago

  15. "Encyclopedia Erotica." by RicoLouis

    A writers guide to help improve vocabulary.

    Miscellaneous 4 Chapters Deep 3 hours ago

  16. Trudging The CessPonds by MrFinesse

    Will you find the treasure in the disgusting swamp or fall prey to what dwells within?

    Fantasy 14 Chapters Deep 3 hours ago

  17. Naked at College by nahdude

    *Now Public* ENF stories at University

    Exhibitionist & Voyeur 33 Chapters Deep 3 hours ago

  18. Thrust by Voidhawk2

    After global thermonuclear war, one family is determined to rebuild society...whatever the cost.

    Incest 79 Chapters Deep 4 hours ago

New Sex Stories

  1. Hottest Day of the Year by sandychoo

    The sun's not the only thing that's too hot

    Incest 1 Chapters Deep 7 hours ago

  2. Free Use University by whambamshangalang

    Exactly what it sounds like.

    Exhibitionist & Voyeur 3 Chapters Deep 16 hours ago

  3. New Super Heroine by splotch

    A woman gets super powers, but finds it more revealing than she expected!

    Exhibitionist & Voyeur 6 Chapters Deep 21 hours ago

  4. The Futanari Era by Popular Misfit

    A Futanari Fantasy World - An Ongoing Series

    Transsexual 1 Chapters Deep 2 days ago

  5. DC: Universal Crisis by Khan

    The end of the age of heroes

    Non-Consent 2 Chapters Deep 2 days ago

  6. The Dictaphone by ExpansionMaid

    College students find a dictaphone able to change reality

    Fetish 2 Chapters Deep 11 hours ago

  7. Game of Thrones: Fire From Ice by Ragnockae136

    House Sunfayre!

    Fan Fiction 4 Chapters Deep 1 day ago

  8. Hypnotizing My Family by Rinderpest

    My Mother and Sister

    Incest 4 Chapters Deep 1 day ago

  9. Midnight Classes by yipysketchbook

    The 18+ hero is ready to teach

    Fan Fiction 3 Chapters Deep 1 day ago

  10. Fangverses by bryce193

    Vampires in the Multiverse

    BDSM 2 Chapters Deep 2 days ago

  11. The Book of Power by Throwaway69

    I've been giving a book that can change anything about the world

    Mind Control 6 Chapters Deep 12 hours ago

  12. House sitting. by Vestra

    Who’s Getting Played Now?

    Transsexual 16 Chapters Deep 3 days ago

  13. A Mind Controller's Guide to Enslaving the Universe by BiBiComte

    It's easy! Just watch as I take this amulet here and -- OH MY, sorry! Did, did that hurt!?

    Humor & Satire 3 Chapters Deep 3 days ago

  14. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery by Ragnockae136

    Based off of the Soon to be released game

    Fan Fiction 1 Chapters Deep 3 days ago

  15. Clapotis by TheFallacyGuy

    Change begets change or whatever

    Lesbian 9 Chapters Deep 1 day ago

  16. Dungeon Race by Crowconuts

    Race into the dungeon to save your home!

    Fantasy 3 Chapters Deep 2 days ago

  17. Unknown Knight by JoshRobinson180

    A Man becomes the Unknown Knight

    Fantasy 14 Chapters Deep 3 hours ago

  18. Serpent's Rebirth by ServantOfLilith

    1954 - Somewhere in the Caribbean

    Fantasy 1 Chapters Deep 4 days ago

Notable Sex Stories from Backers

  1. Risky by Genericc616

    What will you do to keep a secret, and how quickly can things spiral out of control?

    Teen 55 Chapters Deep 5 hours ago

  2. [*Inside The Game*] * (Contributions Welcome!) * by Nemo of Utopia

    You Find Yourself Inside Your Favorite Video Game...

    Miscellaneous 50 Chapters Deep 2 days ago

  3. Dark Angel by supman

    Max is forced into various sexual situations as she tries to survive in a post-apocalyptic future.

    Fan Fiction 48 Chapters Deep 2 days ago

  4. Jessica Alba - Adventures in Amsterdam by sammycolt

    Miss Alba's personal Sin City

    Fan Fiction 45 Chapters Deep 5 days ago

  5. I am a True Fan - The Game by HaremStarter

    Can Mary navigate Tomorrow Con and keep her virtue? A coming of age game.

    Teen 23 Chapters Deep 5 days ago

  6. Ski Lodge Vacation by JohnLocke4

    Six Friends Have A Good Time At A Ski Lodge

    Teen 33 Chapters Deep 1 week ago

  7. Jessica’s Choices – series of events by Doadventures.10

    Series of Events

    Non-Consent 11 Chapters Deep 1 week ago

  8. Bandalore by 12inpen

    In all things there is balance

    Fantasy 6 Chapters Deep 2 weeks ago

  9. Super Magic School RPG by conkers024

    A magical Sexcapade through your first year in Magic School

    Fan Fiction 65 Chapters Deep 2 weeks ago

  10. Fight Club Reborn (CHYOA Edition) by Magma

    By Magma and Friends :)

    Non-Consent 16 Chapters Deep 3 weeks ago

  11. Truth or Dare with the Guys by BartyTrinky

    How much can the twinks make their straight friend do?

    Gay 37 Chapters Deep 4 weeks ago

  12. Quiet Streets by jealco

    Survival of the Lucky

    Science Fiction 46 Chapters Deep 2 months ago

  13. Revan fucks the Multiverse by Revan

    An immortal with near unlimited powers on his way through different universes and different cunts.

    Miscellaneous 124 Chapters Deep 3 months ago

  14. Apocalyptic by JDNNP52

    A story of the zombie outbreak

    Incest 7 Chapters Deep 3 months ago

  15. Giving and Receiving by goodson

    Growing the Family

    Incest 11 Chapters Deep 3 months ago

  16. Blondie's Adventures by BWayne

    The Courtship of Blondie

    Fan Fiction 16 Chapters Deep 9 months ago

  17. Sleepworkers Revisited by lordsomno

    Alien Takeover

    Mind Control 3 Chapters Deep 2 years ago

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