The Afterparty

The Afterparty

Six friends continue the party with a naughty game.

Chapter 1 by Cloontang1 Cloontang1

The party was over. Almost everybody had left, leaving you and five of your friends alone. Aside from you, there was Miranda, Nicole, Sarah, Matt, and Tom.

You've had a crush on Miranda since as long as you remember. She was perfect in your eyes. She had beautiful brown and you would love to run your fingers through it, or... lace your fingers in it as her head bobbed up and down on your cock. You imagine either option would be pleasant. She had also had a wonderful pair of 36C boobs that you would give anything to see. Everyone seems to know that you have a crush on her. Except Miranda. You two have always had a nice friendship, but sadly, nothing more.

Nicole has been your best female friend since kindergarten. You two were very open with each other and you often went to her when you had problems with girlfriends. She also constantly teased you about your crush on Miranda. Nicole was a very cute blonde, but you had never thought about acting on the attraction in fear that you would ruin your friendship.

Sarah was a red haired girl with big tits. She had a reputation of being a slut, and it is rumored that she slept with hundreds of guys. You have never slept with her though, as much as you wanted to. You fear what Miranda might think if you were just after an easy score.

Matt has always been your best friend. You and him always had each other's back. He constantly encourages you to act on your feelings towards Miranda, and that the feeling would be mutual. You highly doubted that, but you were thankful that he was a being a good friend.

Tom was, for lack of a better term, an asshole. He treated girls like crap, yet he always seemed to be fucking a new one everyday. He knew how you felt about Miranda and often told you how much he would love to have her riding his dick. It pissed you off how he talked about her. He also hit on Miranda often, but she rejected him every time.

You were all sitting down having conversations among yourself, when all of a sudden, Nicole stood up and announced she had an idea for a game that the group could play.

What's the game?

More fun
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