A fresh take on The Gamer. With lesbians.

Chapter 1 by Icequeen52 Icequeen52

This story has been reworked from what it originally was, and now has an extensive long term plan that is (hopefully) something fresh. I will do my best to give regular updates, but I can promise nothing. The protagonist is a transgender woman, and there will be exclusively lesbian sex scenes. For most of the main characters, I have a model in mind of what they look like. This is usually based on a pornstar, with some exceptions for a celebrity here and there, or a fictional character. I will reveal the models in time, if enough people are curious. I have taken some elements from branches of The Gamer that I particularly enjoy, and I've done my best to make them my own, rather than straight up copying. Please let me know of any continuity errors that you pick up, and I'll do my best to fix them. Other than that, I hope you enjoy my story! :)


New Quest!

Get ready for class


  • Eat breakfast
  • Brush your teeth
  • Get Dressed
  • Use the bathroom


  • Masturbate


  • +20xp


  • +10xp



I blink and rub my eyes as I wake up. It takes a moment to remember who I am. Gemma Rose, lesbian transgender woman, hyper nerd and 19 years old. It’s the day after my 19th birthday. I must be having one of those waking dreams or something. I’ve had a lot of strange dreams before, but none of them compare to reading this window in front of me. I check my phone for the time. Still an hour before I have to get up. I smile to myself, wrap myself tighter in my blankets and close my eyes, relishing the opportunity to further rest my still tired mind and body.

Lazy thoughts drift in and out of my head. Apparently I’ve been playing enough RPGs lately that the quest mechanic is invading my dreams. I’ve heard of the concept, and it’s happened to me before, though the name escapes me in my tired state. People can spend so much time focusing on something in particular that they begin to dream about it. I once dreamt of Tetris, at a point in my life where I was so bored with school that I practiced the game to an absurd degree. That was fun. The fog of sleep settles over me once more as I let unconsciousness take me away from the waking world.

I awake once more, to the soft sounds of my alarm. The tone I set is pleasant, in an effort to give myself a gentle awakening, rather than a rude one. I press the snooze button, fully intending to take my time waking up. As my bleary eyes struggle to open, my eyes once more fall on the light grey window open in front of me. I’m a little confused, I had thought that going back to sleep would have made my dream disappear. Apparently not. I sit up, waking easier now that I have something to focus on. I read over the text a couple of times, not quite sure what to think at this point. I touch the ‘yes’ on the window to accept the strange quest and the window closes.

I blink a couple of times, still confused. I don’t think too much of it, still believing it to be some kind of waking dream or hallucination. I take a drink of water from the glass on my bedside table, then stretch and throw the covers back. I use the bathroom, then warm up some waffles in the microwave. It’s not exactly a healthy breakfast, with the waffles themselves being store-bought and pretty sugary, but it’s easy and that’s all I really care about. I don’t pay much attention to what I eat; I wouldn’t eat at all, if I didn’t need to. Unfortunately for me, I do need to eat, as the empty and hungry feeling in my stomach can attest to, so I wolf down my breakfast, washing it down with some water.

I notice I still have some time before I need to leave for class, so I tug down my pajama pants and underwear, and start to jerk off. Various images run through my head, impossible sexual fantasies that I never believe would actually happen. I orgasm within a few minutes, releasing a load of cum onto the tissue in my lap.

Bonus objective fulfilled

New Skill: Masturbation lvl 18

Masturbation: Your high skill level allows you to get hard with little to no stimulation. Your ejaculation is a lot stronger than normal and your balls refill totally in 2 minutes, up to 20 times a day.

More of these strange popups? What the fuck is this? My mind slowly wanders towards the possibility that this might not just be a dream. If this is somehow reality, and my life is now an RPG, there should be a character sheet, right?

There we go! My god, that looks awesome! My own character sheet that could be straight out of a video game. I have skills apparently? I already know what masturbation does, the ability to cum a ridiculous amount of times in a day would be more useful if I had any kind of a sex life. Unfortunately but unsurprisingly, given that I grew up an relatively unattractive male and developed zero social skills, I am still a virgin.

I have no clue about what Gamer's Body and Gamer's Spirit do though. I reason that I can interact with my character sheet the same way as the strange quest window, so I press my finger on one of the skills to see if I can learn more.

Skill: Gamer’s Body

Gamer’s Body: Your body is like a video game character. Damage reduces health rather than wounding you.

Skill: Gamer’s Spirit

Gamer’s Spirit: Everything you do will be translated into quests and skills that can be upgraded through practice and obtaining the correct stats.

New Skill: Observe lvl 1

Observe: Look carefully at someone or something to learn details about it.

Oh shit, I got a new skill. I look around for something to use the skill on, before deciding that it doesn’t really matter and try to use it on my pajamas. It’s like trying to use a new muscle that you had no idea existed previously.

Silk pajama shirt: This pink silk pajama shirt is used by The Gamer as sleepwear.

Huh, well the skill works. I wonder who’s writing this stuff. Games don’t write themselves, after all. I continue to use the skill on random things, because it’s cool. I think a little about the implications of this apparent change in my life. I don’t even know whether or not to let myself get excited by this. Slight cherophobia is setting in, as my mind contemplates the possible amazing things that could come from this. If what the description of my skills says is true, that means I can grind my way into being better.

Not all that different from normal life, technically speaking, but it’s implied that I can allocate stat points however I want, which is a huge advantage over normality. Assuming all of this is true, then the quest I already have is a starting quest, a way to introduce me to ‘the game’ and give me a little free XP.


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