One Ruler

One Ruler

One army, my army

Chapter 1 by ntaylor ntaylor

I came out of the shadows like I learned. Scott and Bruce would be proud. As I was preparing to enter the street, the time distortion spit something before it closes. My plastic bat rang was now again at my feet, Brainiac 5 made the puzzle in less than a second, like expected. In this timeline Heroes and Villains cary symbols on the chest, I carry nothing. No fear, no hope, no peace, no willpower, nothing. Only what is empty can be filled with all, like me.

An old robe captures my full attention. It is unworthy to be dressed by royalty, and only a beggar can use such a dirty thing. Perfect for me. I open my eyes, the UV rays destroy all the notes, the orchestra of smells is gone. As usual, the adult clothes are too big for me. Even after ending my teen years, I didn't grow much. It's my birthday. I am now a full adult, the hardest part of my chaste life is going to begin, and the night is calling.

The Bat is easy to find. Too easy, in fact. A sniper could take him down. Can't he see it ? The Manor is there, the police station is there. I can track him already, swinging his way, an easy target with the same habits. For a moment I look up, then I remember. My eyes are closed and must remain closed. It's too dangerous for them ... a few seconds. only if necessary. The light spectrum only shows a ball of light in the sky. I can't see the bat signal, but I know it's there.

I follow him in a distance, he is surprised to see me jumping in the rooftops almost catching him. The young Robin can see it. I am holding back my moves. I ignore him, looking at the Bat flying in the sky. The student surpassed the master. He is gifted, daring impossible jumps with the grace of a sky dancer, like he learned in the circus, before the accident. Or crime or something else ... It's always a matter of perspective. Even a block away I can hear them. Gordon cough is worse, and the Joker escaped again, Nothing knew. The young one is behind me, I pretend to not know it and allow his hand to aim a true sharped bat rang at my throat.

" Who are you ? " The young disciple asks with anger. I give no answer, and can hear the Bat swinging towards us.

" Stand down. " He says in a voice that is not his. He is trying, and he is good. But he still needs to learn more to get his teacher's tone. Or he is too nice to make that scary voice.

" You are too soft to wear that cowl. " The young boy mumbles while pulling his hand away from my face.

" Sorry about that, why are you following us ? " He is polite and tries to get to my human side. I also know that trick, my answer is the same. I remain still and mute. Staring at Gordon. He is still smoking, his phone rings. It is time to create a new timeline. Batman reaches his hand to his hear. Even with my eyes closed, the x-rays show me all what is happening. His face changes, even with all his control his heart can't lie, and adrenalin starts pumping to all his muscles.

He doesn't say nothing. Just jump, and his student reluctantly follows. Even being trained to be a leader, he follows. I stay still, hearing Gordon again, the Joker's bomb found in the hospital makes him fly faster. Before the young Robin jumps to follow the Bat he looks on my direction. Even without any clues he already suspects why I chose this spot. He is smarter than his father already, and surpassed the first Robin cosplaying Batman. I ignore them and turn my head towards her.

She is in this town again. A bad decision for someone so smart. This town is rotten to the core. And crime is lurking in every corner. When Father moves, the wind makes the dust dance, I move and the dust stays still. I arrive, the heat signatures are already starting to change and the fire is spreading. I can see her, trying to move under the huge bookcase that keep Barbara in the same place. Time is running out, Even covered by the shadows I step forward making a noise. The only way for her to see me.

" Who's there ? Why did you do this to me ? Do you know who my father is ? " Her voice is filled with courage, even in this position she is still the same. Where is it ? Here ... I move and grab the batgirl doll, her safety blanket, and step out of the shadows. Her heart races like a wild horse looking at me. For her I am just another crazy in an old robe walking towards her. She laugh " You call that a uniform ? Go ahead kill me. " I raise the bookcase a little, she stops talking and drags herself out, without my assistance. Her daily training is obvious on the way she moves. She is surprised, but even more she is cautious. I give her the bat girl doll, reach my hand to her wrist and pull her up. She allows it and I can almost hear her smile. The piggyback position is perfect to strangle me in a million ways, and she knows them all.

" I need to go to ... " Before she ends her speech, I am already walking. I should wait for her directions, but time is running out. I walk towards the only bookcase still standing. Build to take even an earthquake " Is that what you want ? My server is protected and ... " This is one of the many safe houses that Bruce owns. And behind this bookcase is the computer. She hesitates to open the secret door, the fire is catching us, so I reach my finger towards the only book that matters.

Example Image__

The Curse of Capistrano, a 1919 novel by Johnston McCulley and the first work to feature Diego Vega. With a single push the emergency door opens, surprising her. " If you knew that ... why did you save me ? " I am thinking too fast for humans. Need to slow down. I can see her bravery crumbling, something must be done. I raise my hand and show her my plastic bat rang. She giggles. " This is a toy, you have real ones on my belt, you know ? I get it, you're not the responsible. Take me to the computer. I need to purge the server. "

This was the only unbreakable rule, keep the family secret safe. She purges it faster than Barry eats a burger, just pressing three keys the deleting process in the basement starts and the servers connect to the Cave die. She turns her chair towards me waiting for my next action. I look at the emergency elevator pit, already burning. She looks in that direction also and knows that her only way out is gone. Even without the wheelchair it's impossible for her to take the stairs. " Go, save yourself. Leave me here. You've done enough, but can't ... " I look at her and she sees it. My eyes are closed. I raise a single finger on my lips, and sharp as she is, she understands. " Ok, you know my secret, I know your secret. I won't tell anyone. Take me out of here, please. " I don't move and raise my toy bat rang, she says immediately " Yes, even them ... Him. You can't keep secrets from Him, but we can try for a few days. " I raise my hand again, covering her eyes. When I lower it down she sees that she's out, in the garage. " Teleport ? No ... This was ... " She stops talking when she feels the wheelchair.

" You even got my chair ? Not even a tiny wind ? How fast are you ? " My answer is silence and I point to the exit door. The firemen noises are getting near, and I push her gently towards them. " Thank you, you should go now ... It would be very hard to explain your presence here. I was lucky, and got to the emergency elevator before it was blocked. That is going to be my story. You can help a lot of people with your skills, I won't make any questions. The streets can be lonely, even for someone with your power. Trust me, I know. If you need to talk or any help, my door is open." I see Barbara's chair rolling in the direction of the firemen. Gordon is with them, screams of joy fills the air. She looks one last time on my direction and sees me, and in a moment I am not there.

I created a new time time line, Oracle is still alive. If it's good or not, only time will tell. Several paths need to be considered:

_Helping Oracle.__ Barbara already do it for a lot of people, I will be just another one. She can forge all the things I need, give me all the tools and targets. Father never used her services. That was a mistake.

Side Story._ Let them be the heroes. Humans are so fragile. I can't be with them, just watch them ... doing all the things that Father, Mother, Kara and a few others can't. The joining of the bodies ... just a peek.

_Black Robin._ Damian was the best, before me. I know how to lurk in the shadows, and hunt in the shadows. To remain invisible, that is a good idea to avoid more flash points.

_Cassandra Cain_. So much potential, but she needs to learn so much more. If she is ready ...

Green Lantern. Is a matter of time, my willpower is stronger than any being in the multiverse, so the ring will search for me.

What path Alexandra should follow ?

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