Conflicts of Divine Interest

Conflicts of Divine Interest

When Pantheons Misbehave

Chapter 1 by Jizzrar Jizzrar

The world of Aesyr is a brutal, unstable world that holds no quarter. The only consistency is the cosmic rules that all msut follow...including the gods themselves. Every century there's a divine lottery in every pantheon. And only few among them ever get to win the jackpot. Those who do...rise above their brothers and sisters, to become the ruling chosen and assert their will upon the world with no challenge. And this, is going to be one hell of a century.

The gods of sexuality, lust, fertility, war, and conquest from all the pantheons have won the divine lottery and have become the chosen. The turn of the century is fresh and the board is being set. Their mortal pieces are being lined up and ready to be shown off. Let us see who the lucky pieces are so we may begin the game.

A true conflict of divine interest is about to be upon us. Mercy be unto those that will face the machanations of the new world these gods shall create.

Which piece shall we follow?

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