Gotham City by Catwoman

Gotham City by Catwoman

A Lesbian Mind Control & Anal Fetish Adventure -- Catwoman gains cosmic power then creates a women only paradise. A universe of women who love women & plump hypnotic booty...

Chapter 1 by Bubble_Butt Bubble_Butt

Author's Note: Free Use World !! The main storyline is ongoing. Please feel free to create branching chapters in Catwoman's Universe a fun & sexy lesbian anal fetish mind control version of Gotham City and/or adjacent locales.



Batgirl struggled with the nylon ropes binding her in place. They dug deep into her costume across her nips and down the crack of her pert ass. There was little else she could do. The thin ropes bound her thighs and ankles together in kneeling position. Her arms were firmly tied behind her back and those ropes were tied to the ones around her ankles, forcing her to bend backward and thrust her chest outward. More ties wrapped above, below, and between her breasts, making them bulge outward. Her belt had been taken, but even if she'd been able to reach it, she was bound too tightly to escape.

What stung even more than the bindings was that Catwoman had caught her completely by surprise. The fight had been brief ending with Catwoman’s thick athletic ass slamming down over her face. The sight of that PAWG bubble butt descending to cover her face smothering her was the last thing she remembered.

Tying her up in this incredibly sexualized position was a power play by Catwoman. Batgirl didn’t want to admit to herself how much it was working. She should have been a sight to behold with her curves wrapped in her Batgirl outfit, her breasts on display, and her red hair hanging down her back. Yet compared to Catwoman, she was nothing.

"It looks like you're starting to understand." Catwoman's voice oozed sexuality and against her will, Batgirl looked up again. The other woman was leaning forward provocatively with her heavy breasts hanging below her and a smirk on those plump lips. Her every curve was on display in her latex outfit, just begging for comparison to Batgirl’s lesser curves.

Worse than that, Supergirl was kneeling behind Catwoman. Supergirl’s hands sinking into the flesh of Catwoman’s bubble butt. Supergirl moaned with need her face nestled in Catwoman’s ass. Supergirl's every independent thought seemed teased away from her deliriously horny mind. Giggling like a sorority slut her questing tongue worshipped Catwoman's perfect ass. Between Catwoman's shapely legs, Batgirl could seen a glowing pink kryptonite dildo sticking out like a strap-on from Supergirl’s naked pussy.

"Even if you could get out, nothing would change." Catwoman smirked wiggling her ass back. Supergirl was licking enthusiastically, and her tongue must have been deep inside Catwoman’s asshole. Batgirl’s lips twisted in disgust, but she couldn't look away. Catwoman laughed. "Your little girlfriend can see the difference between us. Everyone can. Even though you try to hide it with that cape and armor. Can you imagine even trying to compete with me? Just try putting on a skin-tight rubber costume like this one and think how pathetic you'd look next to me. Are your boobs padded? I bet they are!” the supervillainess asked twisting her own nips with a wicked grin. “I'm not even wearing a bra under this." That was obvious enough to Batgirl. Catwoman's proud nipples straining through the material, but the seductively evil woman wasn't done. "And you always wear such boring, flat shoes... could you even stand in heels like these, much less fight in them?"

Once, Batgirl would have shot back something nasty, but all her words died in her throat. It was true, she couldn't compete. She could have called Catwoman a slut, but when the other woman embraced it so overtly and ensnared her friend so easily, it didn't even feel like an insult. Batgirl’s head slumped and she vowed not to look again, though she could still hear Supergirl’s tongue against the slick latex.

At that moment Catwoman's entire body shuddered, her eyes closing as she came. From having her ass licked or from her victory over Batgirl. Once it was done, she spun around and planted a kiss on Supergirl’s lips.

"Very good, lover. You'd be happy to worship my ass all day, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, Mistress." Supergirl sounded nothing like before, utterly submissive. Catwoman chuckled and glanced over her shoulder at Batgirl.

"Well, you're going to get something better. How often does Batgirl let you fuck her prudish pussy?"

"Never Mistress-" Supergirl answered in-between questing her tongue up Catwoman’s sinister cheeks. Batgirl fumed, she was blushing fiercely, but Catwoman wasn't close to done.

"Such a shame." Catwoman slid her hands over Supergirl’s head pulling the superheroine’s face more deeply into her butt cleavage. "What about her ass? She ever let you tongue fuck her flat, flabby little ass?"

Batgirl’s eyes went wide. She stared at Supergirl’s face, but she only shook her head, her expression unchanging. "Never Mistress."

"You want to fuck my perfect bubble butt?" Catwoman purred. Supergirl’s eyes widened more than Batgirl had ever seen. She opened her mouth to answer, but her breath caught in his throat. It was more than good enough for an answer and Catwoman laughed wickedly. Just one more victory, showing her utter superiority. Yet though Batgirl thought Catwoman just intended to humiliate her. she began to realize that the other woman wasn't kidding.

"Time for the main event, isn't it?" Catwoman cackled as she sprang off Supergirl. For a moment Supergirl felt utterly abandoned, her pussy was on fire gripping the hot glowing dildo Catwoman had gifted to her. Looking up Supergirl saw a miracle to her fogged mind. Catwoman on all fours facing Batgirl, her seductive supervillianess ass presented "Get over here, lover."

Supergirl scrambled into place behind her, and grabbed those thick baby making hips, ready to pound her Mistress’s beautiful asshole with the wonderful kryptonite dildo. But Catwoman's hand on her wrist froze her in place. Catwoman began to slid her perfect bubble butt along Supergirl’s glowing dildo. The soft globes gliding around her shaft. Just watching Catwoman’s wonderful ass dance around her was better than anything else she could imagine.

When she pushed the head of her dildo against Catwoman’s asshole, it resisted her at first. As gloriously huge as Catwoman’s ass was, her asshole was small and tight. Slowly she worked the head of her kryptonite cock against it, gradually getting deeper inside. It hugged her tightly, the perfect mix between forcing her out and inviting her inside.

The latex of Catwoman’s costume stretched tighter as Supergirl pushed deeper. It didn't seem possible, but it stretched around Supergirl’s girth. Supergirl clutched Catwoman’s waist slamming the glowing dildo all the way home into the supervillainess ass. Catwoman’s broad hips and bubble butt were the perfect handle to pull her back, and she thrust with Supergirl.

"Fuck! Yes! Fuck me!" Catwoman screamed and thrashed once Supergirl's mind altering dildo was finally completely inside her. Supergirl shuddered with obedience. Her fingers gripping tighter. "Fuck me!" Supergirl was exactly where she belonged.

That's when the blinding explosion of golden light overwhelmed her senses...

A New Reality:

Catwoman has used her newly acquired cosmic power to change all realities to her whim. Her sexy god-like power reshaped Earth to a lesbian paradise of fetishistic sexual deviance. The biology of humans, meta-humans, non-humans, and sundry monsters has been seamlessly altered. Catwoman's wildest fantasies have been made real. Her strange obsession with lesbian anal fetish domination has seeped into the fabric of reality...

  1. There are no men, only lesbian hyper-sexualized women, and lesbian hyper-sexualized women who naturally have futa cocks above their pussies (femmes for quick reference). Femme bodies are combinations of extremely feminine shape, and curves with bodybuilder strength and muscle just under an almost gel layer of erotically soft hairless skin from neck down.
  2. Femme cocks are extremely powerful. Any femme can comfortably support the full weight of a sexual partner with their cock. All femmes are born with dense body structure allowing them to walk around normally with a sex partner locked onto their cock for almost indefinite periods of time.
  3. Femme cocks always expand and lock into a sexual partner's pussy or ass until they're released. Even asleep a femme cock will not release until the femme chooses. Multiple orgasms for both partners are common without releasing.
  4. Femme cocks have wants and desires of their own. They can be naively forceful sometimes.
  5. Anyone being fucked in the ass becomes invisible, and unconsciously ignored by everyone for as long the cock is in their ass. Other people will unconsciously move out of the way to avoid collision or similar but have no memory of themselves doing so. Other people cannot perceive the person being fucked even if they are watching or listening to video or sound recordings.
  6. Anyone being fucked in the ass becomes mentally and physically controlled by the person fucking them, for as long as the cock is in their ass. The experience is extremely euphoric for both partners.
  7. Every ass is naturally always clean, and scented similar to their pussy's musk. People are biologically efficient, only needing to urinate and cum. Every ass is almost infinitely elastic to accommodate nearly every sized cock. A person can be buttfucked indefinitely.
  8. "Slut Brain" is a natural stress response. Affected people act inexplicably. Without intending to, a person's decision making submits to another person. Anyone with slut brain feels powerfully aroused and submissive to the person causing it. All erogenous zones react tenfold, overriding critical thinking. Even minor things like groping dulls the mind with endorphins so they forget to resist. They unconsciously pose in blatant sexual displays, pressing themselves closer to the person causing it. Even people watching slut brain incidents from a distance can be affected by the phenomena. Society is aware that it occurs, but individuals don’t question it as it happens. Extremely powerful femmes can induce slut brain without the need for physical contact.

Earth is now just another anal bead imprisoned in the tight, hot, velvety grip of Catwoman's sinister bubble butt. Toying with the lives of superheroine and supervillainess alike. The women of the world are unaware of her global overlordship. Her all powerful pussy gushes like a river of honey sweet nectar clouding the minds of all women with every depraved act of sexual domination over her unaware toys...


Author's Note: In Catwoman's Universe futanari characters all have both a pussy & a cock. All characters see themselves as women. There are no men in the story, only women either with or without a cock. The futanari characters (femmes) are like athletic fitness models. The normal characters are like svelte yet curvy glamour models.

Example: Cara Delevingne meets Kim Kardashian somewhere, and really needs to fuck that plump juicy **ASS**.

Now entering Catwoman's Universe...

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