(Wo)mans Best Friend

(Wo)mans Best Friend

The story of a man who is secretly recruited into an organization who thrive on enslaving and reshaping men and women into compliant pets

Chapter 1 by Jagvillhem Jagvillhem

((Please be aware that this story is very much a heavy set fetish story. My writing is and will always be focused on the "darker" side of fetishes, and might upset some people. It is not my intention to bring discomfort, but with that said I wont go out of my way to tune down the intensity or depravity of the way that the fetishes are portrayed. This story contains plenty of dehumanization, degradation, submission and much more. Some topics might be very disturbing to some people and if so then I suggest you read another story that fits your style and taste.))

I've never been much of a ladies man. Ever since the day I started interacting with them, they'd always made me feel somewhat awkward. I was even picked on by a group of them from grade 3 through 6, which didn't really help me at all. Sure I had a few friends that helped me ignore the comments I got from time to time, but it wasn't like it disappeared. So I was lucky when my dad got a job out of town, which **** us to move. Due to the sudden change in scenery, I had to change school. This didn't bother me one bit, and it even made life quite a considerable amount easier. I no longer had any pesky bullies teasing me about being short or weak. Granted, I was pretty short... and weak for that matter. That didn't change with time either. It seemed that I had drawn the short straw when it came to genetics. I could never blame my parents though, because they were both pretty athletic.

Now being 19 and a drop-out, I had told myself that something had to change. So with a bit of determination and help from my dad, I built myself up.. I wasn't bulking, but I gained some girth. I went from a lanky kid with a lithe form to a half-assed athletic guy with a bit more muscle to attract some girls. That was a whole other story however. Despite my new look, and a tiny shred of self confidence added, my love life was basically none existent. I had secluded myself from the thought of actually getting to know someone. I'm sure I met plenty of girls who'd be happy to hook up with an insecure and more or less feminine guy, but I never thought I had a chance. That was until I met Hailey. She was the complete opposite of me in almost every way. She was outgoing and genuinely a great person. What made me nervous about her was the fact that she was a bit "aggressive" when it came to her sexuality. Not abusive, but more commanding and sometimes had strange requests like: crawl towards the bed before sleep, only having her serviced and denying me any pleasure, hiding my clothes which **** me to walk around naked. Sadly we hadn't had any "actual" sex yet. She always said that she was tired or turned over and fell asleep after I'd eaten her out.

We were sitting in the living room together, watching some dumb show that I stopped paying attention to, I just tuned out as Hailey rubbed my inner thigh. I was coming down from a runners high after having just eaten her out, which was almost becoming a routine. I didn't complain as this was the most sexual action that I'd had in my whole life. What I did find strange was that she began using it as some sort of reward. For example, sometimes she'd say things like "If you do our laundry quick enough, I might let you lick my pussy". What was even more strange was that I was beginning to associate it as an actual reward. The more time I spent with her, the more I began to correlate her pleasure with my own. As soon as I got between her legs and made her moan, I felt satisfied. It did have its consequences though. As she never really payed attention to my dick. This caused me to masturbate way more than I ever had. My pent up sexual craving were bubbling up which led me to spend hours at my computer looking at porn. Though it never yielded the same satisfaction as when I was allowed to taste her delicious pussy and make her cum. Despite how secretive I was with my habits, she knew.

Taking drastic measures

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