Kink Development Kit

Kink Development Kit

An unknown program leads to kinky encounters

Chapter 1 by lew54321 lew54321

Hi! Welcome to the Kink Development Kit (or the KDK for short). I don't know how you managed to come across a copy of this, considering it was never released to the public but consider this to be some very good luck on your part.

Using this app you can manipulate and change the kinks/fetishes of other people. Whether this is making their desires slowly become stronger towards you, making them more open to being sexual with the user or even outright changing what makes them tick.

There are a few conditions for getting started though so please read through the following guide before proceeding with the fun.

App owner(You) - User

The person you wish to control - Subject


1 - The user must touch the subject’s skin for a solid 5 seconds to first register them into the KDK system. You will know this has been successful if both the user and the subject feel a small electric shock.

2 - The longer the user is in contact with the subject's skin after the first registration, the more potent a change will be introduced into their system. These changes are split up into 5 levels with a small description generated to give you a general idea of what the subject will allow the user to do.

3 - Each of these 5 levels will need to be reinforced while the subject is sleeping which means any extra contact with the subject will not be carried over. Each level generally takes 10x the amount of time from the previous level but the times will be greatly lowered depending on the subject's relationship with the user prior to registration. The max times I have seen when testing with a stranger was as follows:

Registration: 5 seconds

Level 1: 100 seconds

Level 2: 1000 seconds (roughly 16 minutes)

Level 3: 10,000 seconds (roughly 3 hours)

Level 4: 100,000 seconds (roughly 1 day)

Level 5: 1,000,000 seconds (roughly 1.5 weeks)

4 - There are features and additions to the KDK app that will unlock as you slowly become more familiar with its systems but for now I’ll leave them as a nice little surprise.

Don't worry you can always come back and read these points again in the info section of the app whenever you want.

There will be a few quick initialization questions to help improve your experience but that's pretty much everything to get you started.

P.S - A word of warning, try not to cause too much of a change out in public. It didn't go very well last time I tried.

Good luck out there!

Who’s discovered the program?

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