Debbi's Shameful Exposures

Debbi's Shameful Exposures

Escalating Misadventures

Chapter 1 by enthusiast enthusiast

At the age of 26, Debbi seemed to have it made. She had risen to be Team Leader in her I.T. company and seemed destined for great things. She had worked hard but her progress had also certainly not been hampered by her good looks. A very pretty petite brunette, she was happy with her small but well proportioned breasts and while she had a slight complex about her bum, there was not really anything wrong with it.

She dressed for work in a conservative, businesslike fashion but when it suited her she adopted a teasing, flirtatious demeanour with the men in the office. That, coupled with her good looks and rapid rise up the career ladder, did not endear her to the other females in the company. Although she could not be described as a bitch and was not fully aware of the impression she was creating, the men also began to tire of what they now perceived as all tease and no reward.

Everyone in the office was eager to see what was beneath that business suit. Were various circumstances about to conspire to see Debbi in various circumstances which would leave her stripped, embarrassed, shamed and humiliated ?

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