Interracial Conversion

Interracial Conversion

Cassidy's Awakening

Chapter 1 by GoddessAhnzie GoddessAhnzie

Hello, and thank you for reading my story! Please remember that this is just a fantasy story and not to take it too seriously. Know that fetishizing an entire people or race isn't cool in real life. Everyone is equal, and everyone deserves to live how they want to! This story, despite it's race-based sexual overtones is not a statement on anything, and is purely for fetishy funtimes.

Thanks again,


My name is Alex, and I'm a small, girlish boy. I've always been short, feminine and kept to myself. I've had a girlfriend since high school, but just recently graduated college. We've been together about six years. Her name is Cassidy, and she's always been more outgoing than I. She's honestly a bit out of my league. She's a bombshell blonde with delicate curves. She's always been modest, however. She's liked guys like me, so I got really, really lucky. The world we live in has changed over the years. Technology has gotten extremely cool in a short amount of time. It's the year 2044, and times have changed rapidly. Medical tech had a boom recently, and new tech is being discovered every day. It's also changed socially. More strange things like this have slowly started to become more common.

Our sex life has always been a rough spot, mostly because, well, I'm quite small. --I mean, that's an understatement. My dick is only two and a half inches erect. I've gotten quite good at other sexual techniques, but I always feel like I leave her unsatisfied. This hurt me at first, and I always wanted to find a solution. Over time, however, we've learned what turns each other on much easier. She's found out that being more dominant and teasing me turns me on, and I've learned to just let her do as she pleases in the bedroom. She sometimes gets a little mean, and apologizes, being wrapped up 'in the moment', but what she doesn't know is that turns me on even more. I'm a pretty big masochist, but I'm afraid if she finds out just how much she'll think less of me. She already knows I'm submissive, so it feels like something I shouldn't be worried about at all, yet here I am. I want to be more of a man for her, but I just have a hard time doing it.

Things have started to change, however, as of the past few months, because I discovered a new fetish I didn't know I had, but now I'm addicted to. While browsing the internet, I found a bunch of what's called 'cuckold' porn. This is the stuff where guys let other men fuck their wives and girlfriends. At first it confused me, but slowly it started to win me over-- and now, I'm completely into it.

There's something about letting go, and watching the one you love succumb to pleasure over everything else... It's just incredible. I can never, ever let Cassidy know about this fetish, however. She's too loyal, and she's spoken about how much she hates cheaters. I think her ex cheated on her, and it's hurt her bad. Cuckolding isn't cheating, but it's easy to get those wires crossed, so it's a subject I've never dared provoke in intimate conversations. I think she'd dump me outright-- well, okay, that's an exaggeration. I know she loves me, so, she'd probably just be real disappointed in me. It's a situation I'd like to avoid.

I can't help but fantasize, however, about having other men ravish her. I get jealous, but also turned on. I'm quite thorough in clearing my search history so she doesn't find where I've been, not since she found out about my short hair fetish-- though, that turned out for the better, since she's kept it short ever since. She teased me for months, though. I've happened upon her searching up porn once too, and-- this only adds fuel to the cuckolding fire.

She was searching up big, strong men with big dicks. Obviously it was gay porn, so it's a little less relevant, but, in her search tags, "Big dick", "Huge dick", and "Big black cock" were often used. All are things I don't have, but other men do. I'm at a bit of an impasse with myself. I want to see if I can take a step into my fetishistic dreams, but also know that fantasy and reality often don't blend well.

She's at her family's house right now. She's been gone for about two days, and will come home tomorrow. I've been on a porn binge, watching endless videos of girls getting fucked by men who aren't their lover. I've even stolen one of her dildos, and have been slowly trying to practice anal. There I was, getting the hang of anal, feeling the pleasure deep inside, rubbing against my prostate, watching a small girl getting pounded by a black cock, when the door opened. My girlfriend came home early.

I froze. Cassidy froze. She had no idea what she was looking at. I knew I was caught, so I didn't even bother trying to hide it.

What will you do, Alex?

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