Halloween Hijynx

Halloween Hijynx

A couple of empty nesters plan a post-pandemic adult Halloween party, but things go awry.

Chapter 1 by vyksin vyksin

Breaking free from a world locked in, a couple of middle-aged empty-nesters find themselves aging & liberated and wanting to celebrate life with their friends. Through months of preparation, they plan and scheme how they could pull off a wondrous, fun, and celebratory Halloween party for adults to just get together and have fun. However, there had to be a hook and there had to be a difference. It has to be fun and has to be right.

The couple had been together for over two decades finding a deep and lifelong commitment in the BDSM world with their friends knowing about their very intimate lifestyle, but not flagrant in the least. However, with Paul being the perfectionist control freak and Molly being the devoted, demented former deacon's daughter, how do they something different and wild for their return to reality seeing their friends for the first time in over a year in the comfort of their posh home?

She brings the idea up to have the whole party be about twists to reflect the world that had gone topsy-turvy returning to normality, and them being hosts would be the biggest twist of all. She began with her favorite story of a rebellious savior against imposing authority by gender swapping Robin Hood to be a lady rebelling against the evil princess with her long-time suitor of Lord Marian. However, to take it twisted even further, she pushes to play the enigmatic noble host while he would reprise the role of the rebellious thief in skirts.

This was anything but an easy sell for her, as memories of failed kink play with them very early on pushed him to spend years asserting his masculinity in their life together. For years, she’d found his strength and dominance intoxicating & happy to not explore gender bending. But as she goes down this role of reawakening, she felt the need to try with their skill & dedication of the ages to pull off the deception as the greatest joke of all to their friends. By pressing the buttons of a challenge & knowing him for decades, she’s sure he has the ability to learn and excel; far outshine any humility or jokes and show everyone a bigger twist than any would think possible.

He relents and sees the fun in a deception, but only on the condition he spends weeks with a trainer friend of theirs from the community to ensure he can pass & convince not just from attire but from demeanor. Confident he can take the simple challenge of what a girl does and with his skill & determination, he was sure he could face any challenge and task of his metamour Bill, a physical trainer with an extended syllabus. With the assistance of Katie, their cosplaying co-conspirator, rounding out their band of merriment, they were sure this would go off without a hitch.

However, all the best lead plans of maids and men rarely stand up to reality’s challenges. For even months of preparation can fall apart, as we find ourselves on the mere beginning of the eve of Hallows Eve; hours away from tonight’s big party.

Author's Notes: For more backstory and the expectations for this story as well as other helpful links, please check out the Main story details link below.

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