The Gamer, Chyoa edition.

The Gamer, Chyoa edition.

Erotic spin off of the manwha: The Gamer.

Chapter 1 by TheDespaxas TheDespaxas

It all started yesterday. John just had his 18th birthday and when he woke up the next day everything had changed.

As his alarm clock rang he was surprised to see a large frame floating in mid air in front of him.

New quest: get ready for school.

  • wash yourself
  • get dressed
  • eat breakfast
  • use the bathroom
    Reward 20 xp
  • masturbate
    Reward 10 xp


John figured that he might still be sleeping, probably a dream induced by playing too much video-games. He accepted the strange quest by touching the button and the window closed.

"What a strange dream! What the fuck?" he screamed.

In the mirror he could see some text floating above his head.

John Newman
Lvl 3: Student.
The Gamer.

His name, a level, a class, a title, it was like this world just turned into some MMORPG.

If it was so then there should be a...
Yes that's it.

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Character sheet.

45/45 hp
60/60 mp

Gamer's body: Your body is like a video game character, damage reduces your health rather than wounding you.

Gamer's spirit: Everything you do will be translated into quests and skills that can be upgraded through practice and obtaining the correct stats.

The stats reflected what he was, a tall but skinny dude totally out of shape who spent all his time studying, playing video games and watching porn. He was not ugly but lacked anything making him attractive to girls.

There was even a full picture of him, strangely fully naked but he had his watch and boxers equipped in some squares around his body. There were slots for nearly every type of item he could wear and an empty inventory with 24 free slots.

He clicked on the icon of his boxers and tried to slide it into his inventory.
Suddenly he was naked, the piece of clothing had disappeared from his body, something he would have to be careful with in the future. He wished his dick was bigger but then he doubted it would matter anyway, any girl **** enough to like him wouldn't care about him being on the small side with only 4.5 inches of dick.

He clicked at the icon of his boxers.

Sleepwear boxers: this pair of cheap boxers is used as sleepwear by The Gamer. They have not been washed for two weeks and smell heavily of sweat and dry semen.

Skill gained: Observe lvl1
Observe: look carefully at someone or something to learn details about it.

The comment about his boxers were true but strange. He now remembered something that shocked him deeply. He had just read all those pop-ups, people can't read in a dream, he had seen a documentary about dreams and it was clearly said that trying to read was a sure way to know if one was dreaming.

It was real life, his life had just turned into a video game!

The possibilities were endless, if what he just read was true he would become better at anything by practice and could grind his way into mastering subjects he was very bad at.

Getting ready for school was truly beginner quest, a way for him to get some free xp and maybe see how it worked.

Only one question remained. Would he go for the bonus objective?

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