A CYOA Pokémon Adventure!

Chapter 1 by Westwall Westwall


It's the best sound in the world. You slide your timecard through, and the clock immediately punches out a few notches. Those notches seem so mundane, so plain, but they are the only proof that you actually worked today. Those small notches in your timecard prove to your boss and his bosses that you worked eight hours in the factory, and that you deserve to be paid for your labor.

Thats why that "click" is the best sound in the world.

After you punch out, you grab your coat and immediately make your way to the nearest bus stop. Your apartment is quite a distance away, and the bus will be arriving very shortly. The moment the door to outside is open, you feel the stinging chill of winter strike you. The wind is fierce, and you can swear you see some flakes starting to fall from the skies. Bundling yourself close, you wait in the cold for the bus to arrive, your feet tired and your brain dying for some sort of pleasure.

The moment the bus arrives, you are one of the first to get on. Nothing could honestly stop you. Slowly, you make your way down the middle of the bus, avoiding as much eye contact as possible. Once you find a suitable seat, you plop into it with a sigh. Another day, another dollar.

It's going to be another hour or two before you even get to the stop near your home. Pulling your Boobtendo from your jacket, you flip it open and hear the familiar start-up sound. You flip the small handheld over and look to see the cartridge currently inside.

What were you playing last?

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