You Will Be Bred

You Will Be Bred

Something Will Have You

Chapter 1 by Daylan Daylan

Your name is Jade. You are a young woman with long, raven black hair that goes down to the small of your back, sharp green eyes, a small nose, full lips and a well proportioned figure that supports your full breasts and curvy hips.

You are also currently on your knees, topless, sucking on the dick of the young man who is, at the very least until tomorrow, the best fuck you have had in your life so far. At the same time, your left hand pumps at the spit-slick shaft of his identical twin brother, who is the one who gave you the second best fuck you have had so far. You savor the way their moans change as you remove your mouth from Rich's member to then wrap those full lips of yours around Rick's, your right hand using the fresh lubrication to enthusiastically keep the stimulation going on Rich's cock.

As you deep throat Rick, gurgling happily each time you swallow him to the root and rub your nose against his pubic hair before pulling back to take a breath through said nose, you wish that you could offer for the two of them to sandwich you between them and have a go at both of your lower holes. Unfortunately, the mark on your stomach prevents it, so all you can offer the two is one last blow before you have to start preparations for the morning.

You had always been on the... eager side once puberty had awakened the drive for sex within you. So much so that by the time you reached your twentieth birthday both all of the men around your age (and one or two of the more handsome older ones) had been granted some sexual favor by your body and your escapades had caught the attention of the Old Priestess. As the head of your villages local religion, The Path Followers, the Old Priestess had a good amount of sway over the people, so when she demanded to meet someone, that demand was not denied.

It had been confusing at first, as you had sat down in front of her and let her wave her hands around you as she muttered in some ancient dialect. What became more confusing was when you felt your stomach grow hot and when you pulled open your robes to see what was happening, you were surprised to see a white symbol magically tattooed to your stomach just beneath your belly button. It was a large circle with a dot in the center and ovular prongs around it that made it look like a stylized sun... and also like something you had seen in one of your old teacher's books about reproduction.

"The Journey Mark," she had proclaimed, "you are this generation's chosen by the Deities for bringing blessings to the village."

She had then explained what that meant and what you were expected to do.

A particularly sharp groan from Rick draws your attention back to the present and you smirk around your mouthful before pulling off of him and squeeze his length with your hand, pressing your thumb against the crown to hold what you know is to be his release in. You then return your oral attentions to Rich's manhood but this time with a merciless pace, your throat having become practiced enough that you can slide him in and out easily with a minimal of gagging. It does not take long until Rich makes the same type of groan Rick did and you pull off of him as well, pressing your other thumb against his cock head as well.

The two young men look at you with pleading expressions in their matching blue eyes as their faces grow flush from the pressure being held back and you wink at them before opening your mouth wide, aiming both of their cocks directly at it, and then letting your thumbs slip away so that both of them can fire off powerful jets of their cum into your waiting maw. You pump their shafts during their orgasms, drawing out more of their thick seed as you let them have a good view of you swirling around the mixture on your tongue before starting to swallow. Eventually, once they have stopped spurting, you stick both their cock heads into your mouth simultaneously, slurping loudly as you clean them off as well as suck out what remains trapped in their dicks.

Eventually, you let the two go, licking off the baby batter that fell on your lips and dribbled on your hands in the process, the twins panting as they lean against the wall of your bedroom. Cum is not your favorite flavor in the world, but it is not terrible either and most men seem to enjoy watching you ingest it when they are not painting you with it. "I am going to miss these," you confess as you give each penis a final kiss and stand up, pulling up your robes so your breasts are covered once more.

"Kind of wish you'd let us impregnate you.," Rick pouts as he puts his manhood back in his pants.

Rich nods in agreement. "You sure you don't want to give us a few minutes so we can try?" he asks, "Can't go on the journey if one of us gets a baby in your belly first, Jade."

"I'm not sure if that's sweet or creepy, guys," you reply, "but I appreciate the sentiment."

You sigh before adding, "And no. It's important I do this. The last chosen apparently did really good and I want to at least keep this place protected that much... even if that means I gotta let some other woman experience the best dicks in the village."

The two men each give you a hug, a deep kiss and then depart. You momentarily wonder if maybe you should have invited them to stay long enough to give them each a tit job so they could get one last look at your face marked by their sperm, but you do need your rest. With a mixture of excitement and sadness, you get into bed. Closing your eyes, you let your mind drift off as the occasional memory, both good and bad, and expectations for the future run in and out of your dreams.

And Tomorrow Comes...

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