Batman, mind controlled traitor

Batman, mind controlled traitor

Someone had managed to break Batman and rebuild him as a horny that is loving to obey every command. (very long chapters)

Chapter 1 by Colleem Colleem

A new story, but above all a new way of storytelling. At least for me.

The people who have followed my stories so far know that I tend to write long chapters and make sure that the people and the decisions are comprehensible. This leads to very long stories. However, I would like to change the progression a bit in this story.

This story will, as almost always with me, be about mind control and the corruption of heroes and villains.

However, each chapter will be about exactly one story. That means that the chapters will be relatively long, that it will take longer until a new chapter comes and that it will be a new story of the main character with every chapter.

Of course, I would be very happy if this story attracts other writers or if you leave a comment here and there. However, the story will be moderated, because I ask other writers to respect the idea of the story.

It is important to me that each chapter of this story completes the corruption of a hero or heroine. Of course, previous characters can be taken up, but in general it should be about the main character or one of his enslaved servants turning to a new victim and enslaving him with a creative kind of mind control.

I won't really consider chapters under 3000 words.


that will be all for now. Hope you guys enjoy the story, even if it will take time for the chapters to be online


"Wait Bruce!" called Superman after his friend who was about to go to the hangar.

The dark knight stopped and turned around. Without another movement, he looked at Superman.

"Bruce. You have to understand this! The League is concerned about your fixation on these contingency plans." Said Superman when he reached him. "You already know you can trust us, don't you?"

Slowly Bruce put his head on one side and looked at his friend. Even here he used the voice distortion of his suit as he answered. "Poison Ivy, Mad Hatter, Dr. Psycho, Spellbinder, Darkseid. Shall I go on?" he asked seriously.

"Bruce. I know these people are dangerous, but none of them could take on the League." Clark answered calmly and firmly, even though he knew what his old friend was getting at. "Your plans, however, almost destroyed the League. And all because Vandal Savage found them."

"My plans were to contain them, not kill them!" Bruce replied, almost snarling. The fact that it had been his plans, of all things, that had led to last week's results was a thorn in his flesh. Vandal had not only managed to stay one step ahead of him, but had also managed to crack his own firewall and steal the secret plans for the league. Bruce was aware that because of those plans, Clark had almost been killed.

"I know that, but you have to understand that they are afraid of you. You are Batman. And you had plans to take out every one of us." Replied Superman, indicating that he would like to talk to him in private. As Batman followed him, he continued. "The problem is not that you had those plans, but that you don't trust us."

"You I trust, but as I said in this room. There are plenty of people who are able to control thoughts. There in that room are the 7 most powerful heroes on this planet. This is not just a like it's a supervillain or a nuke. This is a weapon of mass destruction that can destroy the entire world. And if you don't see that, if you don't understand that you are a great danger to the world, then you are just stupid. We need limits too." Bruce said a little calmer now as he pulled off his mask. Clark and he had known each other forever and had been through a lot together.

"And what about you? Do you have a plan for yourself too?"

"I do. It's called Justice League!" replied Bruce calmly, then left his friend standing. There had already been too much talk about it today and emotions were still too stirred. Bruce understood that very well. Diana, Barry, Hal, Clark and J'onn had just had too much to go through.

Hours later at Wayne Manor.

"Master Bruce? Master Dick is here and would like to speak with you." Said Alfred as he walked into the guest room. At his side Dick Grayson followed him with his girlfriend Starfire.

Slowly Bruce rose and smiled when he saw the two. Dick had made a life for himself and was happy in that life. That was a bright spot for Bruce, though of course he regretted that he would not follow in his footsteps.

"Dick, Koriand'r. What brings you to Gotham?" he smiled, looking at the two.

"Friend Bruce!" smiled the alien friend of Dick's and simply hugged him. Bruce felt himself just being lifted up and the woman hugging him. He was fully aware that Dick was grinning broadly as he did so.

"We just wanted to see how you were doing after what happened last week!" smiled Dick as Bruce was able to stand on the floor again.

An angry look from Bruce toward Alfred was Bruce's only reaction to this, and Dick smirked. "It wasn't Alfred who informed me, but Diana. She called me yesterday and informed me of everything. I told you those contingency plans were a stupid idea." Grinned Dick as he dropped into one of the chairs. No sooner had her beloved taken a seat than Kori settled on his lap.

"Then he was lucky again." Smirked Bruce as he could see the blunt intimacy of Kori and Dick. The two were very happy with each other. "You guys don't have to worry. We were able to resolve the situation and stop Vandal."

"That's not the point at all Bruce. The point is that you have to trust them. They are your friends and your brothers in arms. You've saved the world together so many times. I don't want to imagine what would happen if something like this divided you. The League needs Batman and you... need the League."

"You think so?" asked Bruce sullenly. He was getting tired of this topic. "I don't need friends. I've got a family. That's good enough for me."

"Bruce. I know what you mean and how you feel. It's just your way. But please. Listen to me. You can't go too far. Jason's not like me and well... I know you trust him, but after what he's been through, he's not the same. But Superman, Wonder Woman. They're your friends. I know you don't want to admit it to yourself, but I know you feel the same way. I just wanted to show my face so you know we're standing at your side."

"And that's why you came here from Budhaven? To tell me that?" asked Bruce in amazement, and Kori smiled at him.

"No. Not just. Kori wanted to see where I used to live." Smiled Dick amused and uninhibited as Kori was, she smiled happily.

"Friend Dick wanted to show me his bedroom! His stamina has increased amazingly!"

Even Batman's years of training were unable to keep up the facial expressions in this situation. His right brow went steeply up as Dick stammered in a high red.

"Kori! We ... uh should drop the subject."

"But why? Your skills as a lover are getting better and better! Yesterday you spent a whole 8 hours..." that's as far as Kori got, as Dick hastily shut her mouth.

"Uh... What are you going to do now Bruce?" he asked hastily to change the subject.

"I'm going to work with Barbara to create new security codes for the computer. Maybe I'll use some of the Kryptonian algorithms too. Also, we're in the process of putting new security systems in the cave. I'm reworking the entire system. And, of course, I have to make new plans for the League now that the old ones are known."

"Bruce!" said Dick in horror when he heard this but Bruce slowly rose.

"It's good to see you again and that you're both doing well. However, it's too late to talk me into my conscience. I've made up my mind."

Dick just nodded and sighed. "Then I can't talk you out of it. But please make sure those plans can never be discovered again! The League may forgive you this once, but they won't forgive you again. Please take care of yourself."

"Thank you for your advice. I'll take it to heart." Nodded Bruce, and even though it would have been hard to tell by looking at him, Dick could tell that Bruce took those words to heart. He had known his foster father too long, too well, to be fooled by his cold, calculating manner.

Slowly Bruce went into the cave below the villa and looked around. Mentally he went through every possibility how one could break in here. By now he had figured out how Vandal had found his data, but he still couldn't think of a solution to counter it. Technologies were worthless against certain meta-forces. Even techniques as sophisticated as Waynetech could do little against Superman or similarly powerful enemies.

"Shit." He cursed softly as he walked across the cave's bridges and looked at the equipment. If you could break in here, no place was safe. His technology, his plans, just everything was no longer safe. But then an idea came to him. The only people he trusted completely were his family. Alfred, Dick, Barbara and Jason, even if the latter was currently on the road as Red Hood. Maybe Selina, but he didn't want to burden her with such a secret.

Maybe it was time to replace Robin. After Jason's , he had been brought back by Raz, but his spirit was not yet fully healed. He had made it clear that he would never be Robin again and had chosen his new path. He had gotten used to having a partner by now.

"Mhmm." He muttered to himself as he realized that he could divide the plans among his family. That would make it even more difficult for any enemy to get all the data together. Besides, the family would serve as a kind of security system. Slowly and tiredly, he took a seat on his chair and felt the weight of the years on his shoulders. He was aware that the League could not understand him. They were optimistic and partly naive. That in itself was not a bad thing, but Gotham ticked differently. HE ticked differently. It was simply stupid not to have a plan B. Any one of them, or all of them, could fall under the influence of some madman. Why couldn't they see that? Why were the most powerful heroes in the world so terribly stupid about this one thing?

Fortunately, they had discovered only a part of his security systems. How they would react to the fact that he regularly checked all members of the space station, as well as the people around the heroes. They might think he was paranoid, and they were probably right, but he was doing everything he could to keep the world safe. No matter what that meant. It was a simple fact that there could be spies around the heroes or members of the watchtower. And it was up to him to track them down. The League had to be protected. Dick was quite right. The League was far too important to humanity. Without the League, all humans would be in danger. Unfortunately, they didn't have the toughness to do things that needed to be done. That's what he was there for. On his shoulders was this burden. The responsibility. He was Batman. He would fend off any attack on the League. Preferably in such a way that they would never notice that there had even been an attack.

Routinely, he accessed the databases of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and the personal computers of over 2000 people. An algorithm he developed compared all the data with known or stored profiles. Fortunately, he found no discrepancies. A check of the bank data also gave him no reason for doubt.

"Another day safe. Very nice!" he smiled with satisfaction. So far, he had been able to thwart 13 attempts in this way. Of these, 11 were clumsy bribes and 2 .

Satisfied with the day on the whole, he leaned back and closed his eyes briefly. He was rarely satisfied or allowed himself the luxury, but today was different. He had the vague hope that the league would think a little through these events.

A blinking on his monitor jolted him out of these thoughts. He had received a message. Sighing, he turned back to the monitor and opened the message. Of course, he looked to see who it was from, but when he saw that it was from Superman, he opened it without suspicion.

But what he could read there made no sense.

"Christmas, moon, beach, 1020, Romans, gummy bears, rainforest, supernova, sperm, Babylon." He read out. As he finished the last word, he blinked a few times quickly and hastily before bending over the keyboard. Fingers flying, he typed a reply, but selected a different email as the recipient.

"Birthday, 1, stars, 2, drink, 9, samurai, 28, tits, 0120, steam, 00A, awakening."

Thoughtfully, he looked at the message he had just typed. Somehow it made no sense to him and yet he had sent it. His head suddenly hurt and he felt like he was about to do something stupid. Fortunately, it only took a few seconds before he got a message consisting of a new block of numbers and meaningless words. Sighing, he played the game again this time and as he typed a new series full of numbers and words, his headache slowly subsided. This game went back and forth a few more times and with each mail the series became longer and more complex. On the last mail he was busy for almost 3 minutes until he had typed all the words and numbers.

Shortly after, a new answer appeared, but it consisted only of a picture. He saw a pair of tits and a pulsating spiral that seemed to emanate from the two hard nipples.

" Amazing tits." He smiled and slowly opened his pants. With a steady hand he freed his cock which, surprisingly, was already hard. In front of him on the monitor, the two spirals seemed to move toward the center until both merged into a single spiral. The lines of the spiral gradually filled the entire screen and Bruce enjoyed the sight so much that he immediately started jerking off. With his right hand he enclosed his almost painfully aroused cock and with his left he uploaded the file to every screen on the computer. Now the same image was on every screen in his field of vision. Those two magnificent tits with the spiral. The more he concentrated on the tits the more they seemed somehow familiar to him. But it just wouldn't occur to him where from. It didn't matter at all. He just imagined cum flowing over those full, firm tits... His cum. If he was a good boy. If he obeyed.

Quietly, he began to moan at the thought. Yes. That was what this was all about. That he had to obey. Only then would he be able to cum. And there was nothing he wanted more at that moment than to finally find release. He increased the pressure on his cock, increased the pace, and yet... he just couldn't come.

"No... I... am... Batman!" he growled as he jerked off, aware that someone was about to manipulate his mind. A small part of him started to fight it.

Tried to take his hand off his cock.

Tried to stop staring at those tits.

Tried to stop imagining his cum flowing over them.

Tried to stop thinking that he was a good servant.

But he just couldn't. As hard as he tried... he just wanted to cum....

And then it was finally time. His mind simply gave up. He felt a never-ending orgasm roll over him. It was the strongest he could ever remember. He felt his cock pumping more and more cum over his hand, and yet his cock wouldn't stop pumping. His balls seemed to want to be completely emptied. The thick sticky cum made his cock slippery and shot in a high arc with every movement of his onto his shirt. Even after weeks of withdrawal, he had never come so hard. He was literally getting dizzy, but even now he couldn't take his eyes off his tits. Finally, his cock was finally empty and his hand, belly and loins COMPLETELY filthy with thick white trails of his cum as he finally managed to respond to the last email.

"I cum like a good brainwashed mindless !" was the simple reply.

Only seconds later came the reply, leaving Bruce smiling wearily.

"Of course, you did, ."

With shaky hands, he conscientiously erased the entire history, carefully erasing all traces on this conversation. As a precaution, he scheduled a random scrapping of various memory media by Alfred, something not noticeable since he did it every few weeks.

Only then did he begin to clean his hand and shirt and get dressed again.

When that was all done, he started laughing quietly to himself until he was laughing at the top of his lungs. It was so ironic that it was he of all people who was now a spy. That it would be him who would bring down the League. He was fully aware that he had been brainwashed, that the strange emails were just a trigger. The completely meaningless answers had been hidden in his programming and were only proof that he was under control. Even his mind could not possibly have sent the correct replies, as the words were not based on any system, but were completely random sequences.

"Now, of all people, the paranoid control freak with the iron willpower that everyone else relies on is the traitor. Clever. " Bruce smirked, wondering if he could resist this conditioning. But as soon as he even began to think about it his cock became pleasantly hard again and he began to breathe harder. Why would he even want to free himself?

His hand wandered to his pants and felt through the fabric how hard he was again. How horny he was. How hot it made him to be a traitor. No. It just turned him on to have been brainwashed. With one hand he leaned on the table and with the other hand he fished his cock out again.

"Damn is this control hot." He moaned and started jerking off. It wasn't long before he was standing wide-legged in front of the computer, jerking his cock with both hands and getting more and more excited about how he had been broken. But just before he could spurt out, he stopped, moaned in annoyance and pulled out his cell phone, pointed the camera at his throbbing cock and proceeded to jerk off. Just the thought of photographing him jerking off onto his sinfully expensive computer was so intoxicating that he felt himself Cumming. He immediately triggered and took a series of pictures showing exactly what was happening and then finally sent them to a number that came to his mind.

Completely out of breath, he stood there staring at the white spots on the keyboard and swaying back and forth menacingly. His cock was already going limp again and felt almost sore. He was glad that he had it behind him because he didn't think he could come that hard again.

Leaning forward, he took a deep breath to catch his breath. It wasn't that he wasn't persistent when it came to sex, but that each orgasm had been so strong. Even now he could feel his boxer shorts full of fuck juice and his hands sticky. He would soon take a bath and lie down.

He knew what was expected of him. Finally, the veil had come off and the loyal had gained the upper hand. Satisfied that not even the legendary will of Batman was enough to break this programming, he smiled. He was a good . Just as he was about to plug in the cell phone it vibrated and he raised it to his face. It was a reply to the jerk-off pictures he had just confessed to his new owner's number.

The message consisted of only one word and one picture.

Jerk like a loyal mind-controlled

Underneath was the picture with the tits he had just stared at and also the spiral was clearly visible and fixed his gaze on the hard randy nipples. While he had to fight earlier still with it on the legs to remain to stay on his feet and would have sworn since he would not have gotten his cock up again, he felt how his body reacted to the command. It was a fascinating feeling to feel how strongly the conditioning was affecting him. He surrendered completely to the overwhelming urge to obey.












He moaned in his mind as he jerked his cock again.

At the same time, he stared lustfully at the picture to drown in his suction.

The logical part of him had to acknowledge the perfection of the conditioning. It was a masterpiece how they had broken his mind and erased all the clues. He didn't even remember when this programming had taken place. Only that he wanted it. He wanted it as much as he wanted to protect the innocent an hour ago. The only thought that drove him now, however, was to obey the instructions. To be a good . A perfect spy and saboteur. He would bring the League to its knees just as he would bring all the enemies of his owners to their knees. But all these thoughts were lost in the orgasm that followed, which demanded the last of him. Even if the orgasm felt intoxicating, he was now completely finished. Staggering, sweaty and completely exhausted, he walked up the stairs, having to brace himself over and over again. His body burned with exhaustion and his cock throbbed painfully with every step. As soon as he arrived in the bathroom, he ran the bath and informed Alfred that he was going to take a bath. If the signal came on, he would move out, after all he was not allowed to jeopardize his cover, but otherwise he just wanted to rest.

Fortunately for him, it was one of the least quiet nights in Gotham and no one needed his services today. As he walked through the dark and empty hallways of the present towards his bedroom he could hear from the room of thick muffled groans. When he arrived in his room and Alfred had brought him a tea as usual, without his faithful servant having the slightest suspicion, he waited until he was alone. Then he opened the estate's security systems on his laptop and looked at what Starfire and dick were doing in their room. As he lay naked in bed watching his former protégé being mounted by the redheaded alien, he admired her firm tits. Dick had excellent taste in sluts. Lasciviously Bruce enjoyed the sight and felt freer than ever before.

He was no longer the Dark Knight. He was no longer Batman. He was now just a shell that played a role. Before, the person Bruce Wayne was that role. Now it was the role of Batman. He was obedient. He knew what to do. He watched a little bit how the alien bitch fucked his foster son into coma and then fell asleep himself.

When he awoke, he was briefly confused. He woke up in his bed and looked around. It was a strange feeling. Knowing that he was no longer the master of his thoughts. He straightened up and looked at himself in the mirror. He was still fully Bruce Wayne. His mind, his willpower and all his beliefs were still there, but none of that mattered anymore. All his abilities, all his talents, and all his willpower were now only secondary things. They were all now fixed on one thing.


Satisfied that he had finally found his purpose, he grabbed his robe and left the room.

Destiny. Yesterday it had been his destiny to protect the citizens of Gotham. Today, however, he would betray any of them if ordered to do so. Even as he walked toward the kitchen, he began to make plans. Plans that came from his programming. Plans how he could the league down.

But this had a more or less pleasant side effect. He felt a pleasant tingling in his loins as he imagined how he would be rewarded. The tingle quickly turned into a feeling of longing and humility. He had to earn his reward! And he would. He would dedicate all his abilities to his new mission. But he had to be careful and not arouse suspicion.

Again, he admired the skills of the person who had brainwashed him. It was a true masterstroke. He had trained for years to harden his mind against most methods. Hypnosis, pheromones, and even against magical spells he had practiced with Zatanna. And yet here he was. Unable to resist indoctrination.

Unable? No. Unwilling was the better word. He no longer wanted to be freed. He never wanted to have to think for himself again. It was much more pleasant just to serve.

His cock was already rock hard again and the pleasant tugging in his loins had given way to hot arousal. The bathrobe had massive problems hiding his hard-on, but that was no problem. After all, Alfred was in town at this hour to run the usual errands. But he had rejoiced too soon.

He was just turning a corner when a door opened and Kori came out of the bedroom. She herself was wearing only a simple coat that revealed a deep neckline. As usual, she didn't care how hot she looked. In her culture, sex was simply a completely different concept. She smiled happily when she saw him.

"Friend Bruce! Up so early?" she smiled and turned to him, placing a finger on his sinful lips. "Friend Dick is still sleeping. He's had a long night!" she smiled.

"I guess so." Smiled Bruce, not even trying to hide his hard-on, which was hardly possible anyway. One tiny movement and the hard cock would push the bathrobe aside and become visible.

Kori smiled and then looked down at him. Her eyes widened a little and she smiled even more happily as she said.

"Friend Bruce!" with those words she came closer and tugged on the robe's belt. Bruce was a little confused at this reaction and so for a second, he was unable to act. In that second Kori had undone the knot and the robe opened completely. Immediately his cock jumped up and stood out leering, demanding and greedy. "I had no idea friend Bruce was so well built!" smiled Kori.

"Your friend is my foster son and he's in there!" said Bruce who had to maintain form and camouflage.

"Friend Dick wouldn't mind if I helped friend Bruce." She smiled and sank to her knees in front of him. "He said you were very lonely!" she breathed before taking his cock into her mouth without hesitation. Bruce was completely perplexed by this and hastily thought about how he should react. She was an absolute whore! A dirty slut who gave her boyfriend's father a blowjob right here in the hallway. But he had to admit that she was good! Incredibly good.

It only took a few moments for him to stop thinking about it and start enjoying her arts. Kori clearly noticed and started licking over his cock.

"Does friend Bruce like that?" she smiled and felt Bruce's grip on the back of her head. The next moment he rammed his cock deep into her mouth. But Kori was not surprised or disturbed by this. On the contrary. That was exactly what she missed about Dick sometimes. That wild uninhibited way. She had so often tried to explain to him that on her home world sex was much more open and much more permissive and above all. Much dirtier. It was perfectly normal to fuck hard and greedily whenever you felt like it. And that was exactly the weakness of Dick. He was what the earthlings called a romantic. He was soulful, tender, and she loved making love to him. His stamina and steadfastness had also increased, but still she sometimes longed for him to desire her as his foster father had.

She clearly felt his strong hands on the back of her head and felt his cock pressing deep into her throat. As a Tamarian she didn't have anything like a gag reflex, human cocks were just too small for that, even if Bruce was an exception. He was really magnificently hung for a human and she pressed her lips against his cock, enjoying the sensation as his glans pushed deep inside her and the glans pressed against her throat. As she did so, her tongue played greedily with his thick prick and then she threw her head back into her neck. Smiling, she looked up and stuck out her tongue. Bruce was amazed when her tongue wrapped around his cock like a snake. It was just incredibly long and then he felt the tongue start to put pressure on his cock. A completely inhuman feeling that jolted through him. It was an incredible feeling. He moaned excitedly as she jerked his cock with just her tongue. He had gotten a few blowjobs before but this was in a whole different league.

He felt the pressure building in his cock, his balls starting to pulsate. To pump. But Kori didn't let him come. Her tongue snaked back and now circled his glans directly. The tip of her tongue played with the slit on his glans and pressed against his pleasure channel. This was such an unfamiliar feeling that he could no longer control himself. He bit the back of his hand so as not to wake Dick with his lustful moans as his cock literally exploded. He watched lustfully as his cum splattered over her long tongue, hitting her face, and then she began to clasp the cock. The pressure continued to increase as she began to milk him. She didn't care at all how the cum dripped down her face and onto her coat. Only when no more cum came out of his cock did she let go of him and gently pressed him against her.

"Friend Bruce! You taste wonderful! Maybe we should come visit you more often. Then you won't have to be lonely anymore!" she smiled and just bounced past him towards the bathroom in a good mood.

Panting, Bruce stood there looking after her. He wanted to fuck her! Rip her coat off and fuck the shit out of her! Fuck her mercilessly until the cheap slut never wanted another man but him. She would be a glorious fuck ! She would be just as mindless as he was. Serving and obeying! A mindless fuck doll for a mindless dark knight. And he would use her over and over again, imagining he had been ordered to!

"Tits!" he moaned as he thought of the horny, perfect tits from the picture. It came so clearly to his mind that he groaned.

Kori suddenly stopped, turned to him and opened her bathrobe just enough for him to see her two magnificent tits. She smiled an almost naïve innocent smile as she did so.

But Bruce barely saw her alien complexion, or those glowing eyes. He stared at those horny fuck tits she revealed to him there. In his mind's eye, he began to imagine the spiral and felt the hypnotic, brainwashing effect on him.

Then his right leg moved as if by itself.... Then the left...

Kori smiled as she saw the cock getting hard again incredibly fast and saw Bruce's gaze resting spellbound on her tits. She had often seen men staring at her breasts, but never one who seemed so fascinated, almost bewitched. But she was proud of it, and more importantly, she enjoyed seeing that his manhood was not yet extinguished.

When he finally reached her, it happened. He grabbed her, opened a door and pulled her inside. Shortly crying out in surprise she was pushed into the room, then felt 2 strong hands clinging to the shoulders of her coat and after a huge pull she was completely naked. Startled, she cried out but Bruce was already pushing her upper body forward. Before she understood what was happening, her eyes widened and her lips formed a lustful O. No sound escaped her as she was completely surprised by the sensation of Bruce Wayne drilling his cock into her cunt.

"THAT'S IT!" she finally moaned, rolling her eyes in greed. "FINALLY!" Bruce took no more notice. She felt him throw his body against hers. With her arms she rowed around until she got a grip on the column of a bed. But Bruce's pressure did not let up. She leaned her shoulder against the pillar and threw herself at her new lover. Bruce was in a frenzy. In his mind, he heard a voice over and over again. He didn't know if it was male or female, he only knew what it said.












And Bruce obeyed. Yes! He would always obey! And he would be rewarded. His mind was racing. He was fucking his foster son's girlfriend like a man possessed, and even if he came in now, he wouldn't care!

He imagined himself being ordered to fuck Kori!

He imagined being ordered to fuck the woman in front of Dick!

He would obey!

Always! He would even fuck Barbara if he was ordered to! He was a willing and he would tear Barbara's clothes off at any time and fuck the woman who was once his friend as often and as long as it was demanded of him. He would obey. He would always obey. There was nothing left but to serve and obey.

His thrusts became harder and greedier. With his hands he gripped the bobbing full tits and heard Kori cry out in ecstasy.

"Yes, friend Bruce! You know what I need!" she gasped between her lustful cries.

But Bruce heard only the voice. "Fuck that woman! Fuck her brains out!"

He realized he was imagining it, and that his masters didn't use any telepathy, however he knew that, but the idea made him furious. Briefly he pulled his cock out of her, which Kori answered with a disappointed sigh, only to cry out with laughter as she was thrown onto her back. She immediately spread her legs and stared up at the lover in front of her. Her hand wandered to her pussy and began to finger herself. "Friend Bruce! Take me! Show me how Batman makes love!"

Immediately Bruce sank between her legs and Kori literally cried out as his cock once again sank into her hot cunt. Along with 2 of her fingers, she was filled by his cock. His gaze wandered lustfully to her tits and so she grabbed his neck and pulled him to her breasts.

"They please you! They're yours!" she moaned, enjoying the way he was fucking her. She regretted a little that Dick wasn't here and she could have his cock inside her too, but that feeling was quickly displaced by the cock in her pussy. He was good. Incredibly good! The first man to really fuck her good. Then she felt her pussy fill with his cum and the feeling was intoxicating enough to make her come too. Greedily Bruce thrust into her hot filled pussy a few more times and then slowly pulled his cock out of her. As he did, his cum dripped onto her hot labia and mixed with her own juices.

But Kori wanted more. Now it was up to her to take what she needed. With her body strength it was easy to push him down on a table and so she stood wiping his legs. "MORE!" she just breathed and bent down. Again, her tongue slipped out of her mouth to wrap around her newest lover's semi-stiff cock. But that was not enough. She moved closer and then wrapped her bouncing tits around him. His cock protruded slightly between her tits and this very spot she spoiled with her tongue. Thanks to her alien anatomy, she was able to precisely measure the pressure on his glans and licked over the opening on his glans. She tasted every tiny drop of his sperm and between her tits he quickly became hard again.

"Shall I show friend Bruce what Dick likes best?" she finally smiled as she stopped licking his cock hard and just tit-fucked him.

"I know you do! He likes to be mounted by you!"

"OH? You know? You really are the greatest detective!" she marveled but Bruce gasped greedily.

"No, I watched you fuck him into a coma all night!"

Smiling, she nodded and then got on the table too. With one hand she guided his cock to her cunt. "Is that what you want? That I love you into dreamland?"

"Fuck me!" moaned Bruce, staring at her hot tits. They were almost as perfect as the ones in the picture. No! No tits could be that perfect! They had been his downfall.

For hours they fucked each other. Again and again, they swapped positions and positions. Kori was in heaven. Even though her stamina was already a little tarnished from the 8-hour fuck with Dick, Bruce would have finished her off just the same. His greed was insatiable. All she had to do was hold her tits in front of his eyes and immediately he got hard again. It was simply glorious. He fucked each of her holes, squirting loads of his delicious cum into all her holes, or onto her skin. She licked off whatever she could catch of it and felt her anus and pussy fill up more with each orgasm. There was so much that it was already flowing down her thighs and both bodies were bathed in each other's cum. But at some point, they both couldn't take it anymore. As much as he wanted to Bruce just couldn't hold on any longer, but Kori also felt fulfillment for the first time since she had walked the earth. She stood up, licked his flaccid cock one last time, and cleaned him with an absolute abandon. The taste of her own cunt and his sperm was incredibly good. But then she put on her coat and slowly disappeared towards the bathroom.

Bruce, on the other hand, finally allowed himself to pass out and so he lay bathed in his own juices and hers there on the floor while his senses faded.

"I... am... a good... ..." he breathed with the last of his strength and a small gush of cum flowed from his glans and dripped onto his belly. The last splash was dedicated to his masters. AS it should be

What's next?

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