Her vacation as a pet

Her vacation as a pet

Her sister’s malicious actions lead to a terrible vacation

Chapter 1 by zechs195 zechs195

Note: In the year 2033, all unskilled labor, such as receptionists, flight attendents, concierges etc have all been replaced by AI. Even navigating computers had replaced pilots. It worked mostly fine unless a completely unexpected situation came about and their programming couldn’t handle it, then they would default to whatever they considered closest to normal. This will be one of those unexpected situation.


Samantha and Tiffany are two sisters who live together and have desperately needed a vacation. Samantha was a skinny 5’1” brunette, she had very undersized breasts, small a-cups, and was 22 years old. She worked as a paralegal. Tiffany was 5’4” blonde, with decent c cups and was 21 years old. She was a computer engineer. They were both single and okay with that. They’d been working hard and saving all year to go to an all inclusive resort in Mexico right on the beach, with gourmet food, luxury accommodation, and everything they’ve needed to relax and enjoy themselves.

Samantha was always sweet, caring, and friendly. Tiffany was a brat and a master manipulator to everyone but her sister. That said, she was only nice to her sister because of their parents. Now that they didn’t live at home, Tiffany had realized she could finally treat Samantha the way she wanted to: horribly.

Samantha had arranged everything. Two plane tickets there and back and one hotel room with two queen beds. It had been a lot of work and Tiffany hadn’t helped much but Samantha gave her the confirmation number to look over everything.

Samantha went to bed early the night before the flight to be well rested and Tiffany started to act on her plan. She knew all about the AI systems and how to manipulate them. She logged onto her computer and entered the confirmation number. She deleted Samatha’s plane ticket. She added 1 pet as luggage to her own ticket. A warning appeared asking if she wanted to confirm her changes and warning that the ticket would be resold immediately to a person currently on a waitlist for tickets. She clicked confirm.

Then she did what was going to make her whole plan work. She modified her reservation for the hotel so that it was for one guest but added pet accommodations to a pet with the same name as her sister. She changed the bed to a king and then hit the checkbox next to a large breed when asked about a bed for her “pet”.

The reservation wouldn’t look any different at first glance. It still showed as “Tiffany Smith & Samatha Smith” not clarifying that Samantha was a pet until you looked further into the reservation. If Samantha asked if she was still expected at the resort after finding out her flight was canceled they would say yes. She spent so much on this trip she’d ride the flight as a pet to get to the resort not realizing she’d be treated as a pet there too.

Tiffany then changed Samantha’s alarm clock to go off an hour late. She went to bed with a smile on her face, anxiously anticipating how her plan would go.


Samantha has woken up late but they still had time to make it to the airport. Luckily she showered the night before. She ordered a taxi and it arrived quickly. Tiffany was already up and ready pretending to wonder why Samantha was up so late.

“I’m so sorry! I must have set my alarm wrong!”

“It’s okay but we need to get out of here quickly!”

They shuffled out the door bags in hand and Samatha was excited but anxious about time. She loaded her bags into the back of the self driving taxi and her sister did too. She went to look at her phone and check the flight’s status. Tiffany stopped her.

“I already checked, silly, the flights on time and we need to go!”

Samantha was almost giddy as she got into the back of the car. She worked hard all year and needed this vacation badly. She was going with her sister who she considered her best friend and couldn’t wait to feel the sand under her bare feet.

They arrived at the airport but were short on time. They got through security and got to the check in desk with only a few minutes to spare. A computer screen showed Tiffany and not Samantha. Tiffany checked in but still nothing appeared for Samantha. She went to the help desk and a screen appeared.

“Help.” Samantha said calmly.

“How can I help you?” Asked the screen.

“Missing ticket information.”

“Query: missing ticket information... passenger name?”

“Samatha Smith.”

Tiffany held her breath in anticipation. If this didn’t work or if she was found out things would not go well for her. Still, she licked her lips feeling good that this will work.

“Ticket information not found. Did you mean: Tiffany Smith?”

“No, Samantha Smith but it should be on the same reservation.”

Samantha was starting to get nervous she couldn’t miss her flight.

“Checking reservation: 1 passenger: Tiffany Smith. 2 bags luggage. 1 pet.”


“Pet accommodations: 1 crate in cargo hold. Insured for value of pet.”

“No it should be two passengers. Is there a history for this reservation?”

Tiffany held her breath she didn’t think about Samantha asking if things had been changed. Her plan could fall apart before it even started.

The screen didn’t respond for a few seconds before stating “Query not answerable... I am sorry for the inconvenience. Would you like to ask another question?”

Samantha groaned. She needed this vacation and had saved for so long.

“Is another ticket available?”

A line was starting to form behind her and people were getting impatient. The flight would be leaving very soon.

“Flight is booked to maximum capacity. Would you like to check for later flight?”

“Um... yes?”

“Query: Next flight to Cancun with (1) available seat... next flight to Cancun with (1) available seat is in (8) days.”

“Shit.” Samantha said. she rarely swore but was mad. Her trip was for only seven days.

“Foul language is not permitted. Please refrain from further use for comfort of other passengers. Thank you for your consideration.”

“Is my hotel room still booked?”

“Query... connecting to Premiere Resort reservation network... 1 reservation: Tiffany Smith & Samantha Smith.”

“Okay that’s good but how do I get there?”

The computer was now experiencing an error. The connection to the reservation network was making it think Samantha was a pet even though she was currently speaking to it. Finally after a timing out error it gave the only answer that made sense to it.

“Pet accommodations.”

“Pet accommodations?”

The machine started to state “pet accommodations: one crate in cargo..”

“No I know that I mean how do ‘I’ use them?

“Query: how to use pet accommodation: Place pet in crate. Our system will handle the rest. Ordering: one crate, large breed.”

She went to Tiffany as the lobby was almost empty as everyone was boarding and asked “what should I do? I can’t miss this vacation! I really need a break.” She said and pouted.

“I know it sounds rough, sis, but why don’t you just... ride in the crate. Everything will be normal once we get there.” She lied.

“I can’t it’s too embarrassing!”

“These are all strangers and I won’t judge you. We’ll be on the beach in hours and you can forget all about it.”

“I guess you’re right...”

“Sounds good, sis! See you there!”

Tiffany took this as her cue to leave and headed towards the door for the flight. She knew Samantha was going to feel stuck in this situation and would go through with it out of her sense of obligation.

Samantha was tearing up but tried to calm down. Before she could even acknowledge what her sister had said she was gone behind the door. Nothing could change now. She had to ride.

There was no staff to speak to and an announcement for final boarding was going over the air. The boarding area for their flight was now empty but there were passengers for other flights around. She had to make her choice. Since no one was really paying attention to her she approached the crate.


Samantha almost jumped as the loud alarm went off as she tried to enter the crate.

What is the error?

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