Trapped in a Robotic House

Trapped in a Robotic House

The house wants to feminize you.

Chapter 1 by sipainting sipainting


  1. Be sure to hit "Start Game" on the right (or in the menu) for the full experience!
  2. I recommend customizing the experience (see the menu or the "customize" tab on the right!) before you begin.
  3. My goal is to make this is more of a game experience, as much as possible.
  4. There are some easy (sexy, emasculating) puzzles to figure out.
  5. This is not a series of branching paths. There is, basically, one path with a few off-ramps along the way.
  6. Future versions may have more "side-journeys"? TBD.
  7. Paths will appear and disappear as you explore and discover things.
  8. Every-time you click on a link, imagine that you are saying it. <grin>

This story is a re-invention of the original story, "House Training" by RH Music found on

I have permission from the original author to create this derivative work and have provided proof of this to the site's moderators.

You are Paul, a paralegal for a top law firm. You are 27 and graduated about three years ago with your completely useless liberal arts communications degree (which, to be honest, might not have been completely useless if only you had studied harder and gotten better grades). Fortunately you somehow lucked into a paralegal job and other than the asshole lawyers and their toxic masculinity who treat you like a servant, it's not too bad.

After three years of hard work, you've finally saved up enough vacation for a nice long getaway: hiking the continental divide, completely unplugged from the world, weeks off the grid.

The only problem is, you have one last task to complete before you leave: You need to find the last will and testament of Jack Hewitt, recently deceased and a former client of The Firm. You are eager complete this task so you can go on your vacation. In fact, you would do anything to complete it as quickly as you can.

Jack Hewitt was an eccentric, reclusive, billionaire life sciences inventor. The gossip in town was that he was a sexual deviant who spent all his time tinkering on inventions. But what sort of inventions might a sexual deviant create? Jack Hewitt was a polymath who could do anything - robotics, AI, pharmaceuticals, medical prosthetics. Who knows what he could have cooked up?

You are excited and a little nervous to be exploring his house for papers. What will you find there?

After entering the gate (with a code provided by The Firm), you drive up the long, tree-lined, curved driveway to a gorgeous, well-kept mansion at the top of the hill in the middle of 123 acres of elegant and tasteful landscaping.

What do you do now?

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