48 Hours As A Girl

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Chapter 1 by generaljiggler generaljiggler

The lazy summer morning was rudely interrupted by the sudden ring of your cellphone, a harsh enough noise to wake up to but even worse when you were having such a fantastic dream. Groggily, and with a little cursing under your breath, you reached out to the ringing annoyance and answered.

"Nnngh, hullo?" you muttered sleepily into the receiver.

"Rise and shine my little friend!" came an overly cheerful, if slightly unnerving, voice on the other end. "You need to get up, you have a busy couple of days ahad of you."

"Who is this?" you replied, yawning sleepily as you blinked awake slowly.

"Oh it doesn't matter who I am, it matters who you are! Or rather, what you are!" came the cheerful tone again before adding "Notice anything different, dear?"

What the hell was all of this about? It was the middle of summer vacation, your parents were away on holiday, and you had the full intention of enjoying yourself on these lazy days without some cryptic riddler calling you first thing in the morning. "Alright, listen here, I don't know what this is about-" you started to say testily as you sat up in bed, but only then did you notice that your voice lacked a lot of its former bass. In fact it seemed almost... girlish.

"You might want to look down."

Against your better judgement you found yourself following the mysterious callers advice and glanced downward. There, on your chest, protruded two perky, all natural, totally bare boobs. YOUR boobs! "What the fuck!" you exclaimed from the sudden sight, and in fear reached suddenly down to your boxers. In place of the comforting bulge of your own dick you found an absence and in its place a slightly moist entrance.

"Yes, you're a girl now." chimed in the cheerful voice from the phone still in your hand. "I've decided to have a little fun with you. For the next forty-eight hours you're going to be a nice fertile little girl. And I DO mean fertile. If you can last all forty-eight hours without any pesky sperm working its way into your womb, you can go back to being a guy again, BUT if you find yourself knocked up before the times up... well, I hope you like your body."

The words seemed to be slightly distant, only barely reaching your ears. Your cock was gone. You were a GIRL! This wasn't right, this COULDN'T be right! What the hell was going on?! As if snapped out of a trance you pulled the phone back to your face and started to scream into it.


"Now now, no need to thank me. This game will be fun for everyone!" the voice continued, apparently ignoring your screams. "Oh, and don't think you can just lock yourself away. That new body is going to demand some attention pretty soon, but don't worry, i'm SURE you'll find that people are more than happy to help a lovely young lady like you."

And with that the mysterious caller hung up. No explanation, no name, no nothing. You were a boy trapped in the body of a eighteen year old girl in the best shape of her life for the next two days. What the hell were you going to do?

What Happens Now?

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