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  1. Aaron Will Head To Vanessa by 006

    Chapter 4 in The Awakening

    Aaron knew that while leaving the apparent safety of the apartment would be a risky move so could staying within the city. A low sigh slid from his lips before he lightly gripped the phone and began to speak "I hate to say this sis but your right, the countryside would be a much...

  2. Conclusion by taloniv

    Chapter 31 in Kayla's Stories

    The men spent most of the night fucking myself and my daughters. I lost track of how man times they came inside of us, but oddly enough, Jim was the only one who fucked me. Possibly he made a deal with his friends so he didn't have to deal with sloppy seconds. Eventually the men...

  3. Let them work it out themselves by agbsyamaha

    Chapter 11 in Lab Rat

    You decide it's probably best to keep your distance. You don't want to risk getting beaten the crap out of, so you just stay back and let the girls fight it out. They turn their attention from you, back to each other and resume their brawl. Ava does a sweep kick maneuver, making...

  4. Double oral creampie by agbsyamaha

    Chapter 11 in Lab Rat

    You know what you want. Pleasuring these beautiful cocks gives you the confidence you need to try something daring. You let Mia thrust her cock down your throat a few more times before pulling your head away from her dick. You take a moment to catch your breath and get down to bu...

  5. The "Three's a crowd" Test by agbsyamaha

    Chapter 9 in Lab Rat

    > **BRIEFING** > > "This test is more of a therapy session. The two models you will be testing with have a bit of a problem getting along, so we hope that fucking you will be the bonding element that they need. We decided that the test ends, when both of them orgasm, but try to...

  6. Gary, 40 year old father of 2 teenage sisters by Robopoop

    Chapter 3 in Breeding Planet

    Ever since the new health centers were set up, life in Gary's town changed. At first, it seemed like any other day when the government was doing its part in keeping up health standards, with the uptake on politics and healthcare in recent years, but things started to get strange...

  7. She Tries Not to Tell Her Anything by Drakavius

    Chapter 42 in The Demonic Idol

    Caitlin cooed in soft pleasure as her nipple slipped into Marissa’s mouth. Smiling to herself she thought about how she was going to save her sister from the questions of is there a heaven, and what lay after death? But this pleasure, it was assured. As was their eternity. Looki...

  8. Introduction by Mordredaggrfall

    Chapter 1 in My Submissive Sister

    > Third person until Emma/you arrive at Sarah's house. The photo was of Emma, but it came from Elena's number. That wasn't the only weird thing to come from the same number 'Emma has a crush on you' the message said, that had followed the photo. Sarah was confused, but calmed qu...

  9. Molly Swaps Her Son's Cum With Her Sister by WinkingOtter

    Chapter 60 in Kingdoms of Jocasta

    Molly rose up to her sister and gave her a sensual kiss on the lips. Lily's eyes went wide with surprise but she accepted her sister's soft lips. With Jarett's sticky white cum still in their mouth, their incestuous kiss passed the semen from one mouth to the other. Lily clued in...

  10. Introduction by JaninaSnow

    Chapter 1 in 48 Stunden als ein Mädchen

    Der sonnige Morgen wurde durch ein störendes klingen gestört. Während du den Schlaf aus den Augen reibst, blickst du auf dein Handy und versuchst zu entziffern wer dich da eigentlich so früh wecken muss. Die Nummer ist zu verschwommen also gehst du lieber ran, eventuell ist das d...

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