Jake's senior year in highschool.

Jake is one of the schools bully's, but he has a little secret of his own.

Chapter 1 by Tinylittlecocked Tinylittlecocked

Jake was 18 going into his senior year of highschool. He is one of the most popular guys in highschool. However he is a bully. Jake liked to make fun of or play jokes/pranks on others to humiliate them. Although a lot of people fear Jake pulling a prank on them, they all love hanging out with them. Even thought everyone was afraid of Jake Playing a joke or prank on them, most people loved watching them unfold. If Jake was humiliating someone else, everyone would cheer and laugh. This made Jake feel super cool, hearing everyone cheer for him pranking someone. Of course this made Jake love pulling jokes and pranks on others. Jake had a huge ego and it fueled Jake. had a wild side and was the light of the party. Jake partied and smoked a decent amount of weed. He never did hard , but he loved to party. Most of the girls think Jake is really cute and love his big muscles. Jake was constantly flirting with all of the beautiful girls. Since Jake was considered the most popular guy in school, Jakes flirting made them all feel special, even though Jake flirted with all of them. Pretty much every girl in school had a crush on Jake. Jake is also a virgin, yet he has lied about having sex with a bunch of girls. No one knows that Jake's dick is an inch soft and two inches hard.

What happens to Jake today?

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