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  1. Introduction by lilshawty1

    Chapter 1 in The girl next door

    'Hi Mr Kennedy.' Was the only thing that Kelly ever said to Jim whenever she saw him watching her washing her Dads car. Jim never knew that she would watch him watch her out of the windows of the car. She liked the attention. But Jim had other plans. He would feel his l...

  2. Introduction by discovery

    Chapter 1 in The Peaceful Afternoon

    You sit down at on the couch and stretch out - you've got the house to yourself for the day. You enjoy being by yourself, it's peaceful and quiet - but only if you want. You could just as easily go and turn the stereo right up if you pleased, and no one was there to complain....

  3. Introduction by WayneWax

    Chapter 1 in She's Hungry

    You gasp out of your sleep to the sensation of your wife massaging your morning wood with her mouth. She usually wakes you up this way to get you worked up so you can give her a good fuck to start her day off right, but this time she's letting you lie back and luxuriate in it....

  4. Introduction by john3776

    Chapter 1 in Cottage Party

    John Doe. Your name sits on the bottom of the contract you have in front of you. The contract which entitles you to full control of the cottage in front of you for the next 96 hours. Right now it's 8 pm on Thursday, which gives you one day to prepare, two days to party, and...

  5. Introduction by terrhorn

    Chapter 1 in Girlfriend's Little Sister

    Finally, the weekend has arrived. You've had enough of the same old "do this, do that". Your only thought now is time alone with your girlfriend, Ashley. Since she has started her new job at the mall, you haven't had much time alone together. Oh sure, you stop by the store...

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  6. Introduction by JonGrey

    Chapter 1 in Bar Hoppin

    It's finally Friday. Your friends have gone out of town, leaving you by yourself to enjoy a nice, quiet evening. You couldn't go because you couldn't convince your asshole of a boss to give you the day off, but some relaxation has been on your agenda for some time, now. Most...

  7. Introduction by JonGrey

    Chapter 1 in So Happy Together

    It has been a hellacious day at work. The traffic home was amazingly frustrating; you cannot count how many times you almost died on your way. You drop the keys on the welcome mat at your front door when you hear the hinges squeak. "Hi, honey!" Your girlfriend is waiting...

  8. Introduction by Shaved Alison

    Chapter 1 in Girl's Night Out

    It's Saturday night and you and your friends Dawn and Michelle have decided to simply go out and get laid. You are 5'2", 36c-28-33, with red hair in a pony-tail. You have thick, juicy lips and a cute face. You are all 19 and have, in the last couple of years, discovere...

  9. Introduction by jaboob12

    Chapter 1 in College Adventures

    "Bye sweetheart. We'll miss you. Call us if you need anything and don't forget to make dinner reservations for Parents Weekend. You can bring friends if you'd like. It's in a little over a month. I put the date on the calendar we hung in your room. Ok honey?" "John?" "...

  10. Introduction by Avalon

    Chapter 1 in A World of Discovery

    They arrived at the campsite about a half hour late, but they found themselves alone nonetheless as they got out of the car and started to set up the equipment for the weekend. "Where is everybody else?" asked Amber. "I have no clue...they were supposed to be here like...