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  1. Hot tub by Fierbali111

    Chapter 4 in 7 friends share more than a cabin

    "Fuck that's hot on the nuts," mark said that evening as he dipped into the hot tub. Hey Anthony you got balls right? "Yea, last I checked" Anthony smiled "So..."Mark stretched his elbows out wide on the edge of the tub, conveying his dominance. "who do you fellas got eyes on...

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  2. Arrival at the cabin by Fierbali111

    Chapter 3 in 7 friends share more than a cabin

    The cabin Mark had chosen was right on the furthest point of the lake, nearly a mile from anywhere else. Wow this place is nice molly commented excitedly as mark pulled up next to the other car where his buddy Ryan, along with Michelle and Jade stood waiting for them to arrive....

  3. Introduction by Fierbali111

    Chapter 1 in 7 friends share more than a cabin

    The characters Mark: The buff, boastful and overconfident blond footballer dating Ashely. Ashely: The blond bombshell, good looks, big tits, and a superiority complex making her an ideal match to her boyfriend Mark, that is except for her compulsion to flirt. Anthony: A rather...

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  4. He talks you into a night out by throbbin

    Chapter 46 in 48 Hours As A Girl

    You should really get back to Trish, but this guy is such a prince charming. Cameron always knows the right thing to say, the right moment to stay quiet. He seems to listen to everything you have to say. He acts like a gentleman all through dinner and afterward he looks deep into...

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  5. Nurse Ai. by airwreck

    Chapter 37 in The Lust Doctor

    Hajime did not feel anxious of picking the right choice because he reminded himself that both women were going to help him relieve his stress -- of course, as long as his stamina held. He decided that Nurse Koyanagi was too cute to pass up with her youthful face that contrasted...

  6. 250k? Yes by weepingwillow

    Chapter 45 in 48 Hours As A Girl

    A smile breaks past your lips at the thought of that money. "Yes," you say, kissing Darrell hard on the lips before dropping to your knees. Darrell sighed, looking up to the ceiling, as the hot mouth of a beautiful blond white girl kneeled at his feet, hungrily sucking his cock...

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  7. Considerately yes by weepingwillow

    Chapter 44 in 48 Hours As A Girl

    "How about we increase it to 150k, and I give you plan B," he counteroffers. You pause to weigh the options, before you sigh. "I don't know if plan B would work, but 175k, and you can film me and do whatever you like with it, but still no cumming inside my pussy," you shoot bac...

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  8. Stage Two by RebelGinger

    Chapter 14 in 48 Hours As A Girl

    "Well the removal process went over well. Now for replacement. If I'd known this would take so long I'd have taken you home first. No matter, I have everything here. Go back to the chair and watch the screen." You're quick to obey, you have to obey. Tom must be obeyed. Part of y...

  9. No by RebelGinger

    Chapter 13 in 48 Hours As A Girl

    "Look, there's a lot of possibilities here and we need to know more or we can't help you. So tell us everything." You sigh and look around the circle with anguish as your inevitable secret is revealed. "I'm a guy. I was a guy. Remember that dark haired guy, Alex, who used to hi...

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  10. Power goes to your head by weepingwillow

    Chapter 45 in 48 Hours As A Girl

    You wanted to see Darrell's face now, to sit on top of him. "Get on the floor," you demanded. Darrell stared at you for a moment, your command surprising him. He seems to obey, more out of curiosity, then actual submission. As he attempts to remove his cock from your rectum, yo...

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