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  1. It's time to make the schedule by yournewbestfriend

    Chapter 15 in Slut Camp

    "Well alright," Veronica said as she sprang to her feet with surprising energy, "Now that you're not cum-crazy, let's figure this whole schedule thing out." Sam, dumbfounded nodded and joined her at a round table at one end of the bunk. "Sooooo," Veronica began with sing-song t...

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  2. Roll on top of Julie by Torg

    Chapter 14 in Younger Sister's Hot Friend

    "Oh, God, Julie! That's so hot that you want me," you tell her. You turn to her, kissing her deeply and groping her breast as you kiss. She strokes your cock as she breathes heavily as you kiss. A loud moan comes from her throat, and you roll on top of her, settling between her l...

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  3. She resists at first by Torg

    Chapter 39 in Younger Sister's Hot Friend

    At first, your mother is very tense. She pushes on Doe's chest weakly and tightens her lips. Her body looks stiff. Doe caresses her back and runs fingers through her hair as she kisses her. You can see Doe's pink tongue between their lips, teasing to get in. Then Doe pulls on th...

  4. Grab your wallet and go by boobboob

    Chapter 11 in 48 Hours As A Girl

    Freshly fucked, you take a few moments to recover before you try to get up, on shaky and unsteady legs. Your entire crotch felt bruised and injured. It became even more apparent as you began pulling your undies back up and into place, as soon as they touched the abused lips of yo...

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  5. May as well have some fun with your money by boobboob

    Chapter 12 in 48 Hours As A Girl

    After all the weird stuff that had happened, you decide that you seriously deserve a break. Counting the cash, you put aside enough for a few good meals for the next two days and then set out to hit the city. Your first stop was at the mall to buy some clothes for yourself - ones...

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  6. Glory Goodtime by RebelGinger

    Chapter 15 in 48 Hours As A Girl

    "Glory Goodtime. She's some local talent about your age. She will be the talent agent sizing you up. Sound good?" "Sounds great!" Yes! A hot lesbian scene to keep you nice and cum free! Mr Slick sticks his head out the door and waves someone to come down the hall... oh it's the...

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  7. Absolutely! by RebelGinger

    Chapter 14 in 48 Hours As A Girl

    Hell, you're a girl for only another day. You could make easy money, feed your sex drive, and if you insist on condoms you're golden! "Yeah! I could do this!" "Great. Our studio is actually just upstairs. Wanna come up for an interview? We get some good shots, schedule you for...

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  8. He says he will, but... by Cornbeef666

    Chapter 16 in 48 Hours As A Girl

    He doesn't answer you, and just continues thrusting into you. It feels so good, but you're clear headed, for the moment, from your first orgasm, and you try to be firm. "You need to - " Then he stiffened and you stiffened. A pulsing wetness soaked your insides. Your heart plumm...

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  9. Alex's Dad stuffs you by Cornbeef666

    Chapter 15 in 48 Hours As A Girl

    _This feels so unbelievably good,_ is all you can think. Right there with _I can't get pregnant._ "You can't cum in me," You tell him, bracing your feet against the floor as you willingly bent further forward, hands reaching forward for stability. If this was going to happen, at...

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  10. Alex comes down the stairs, confused he can't find the Wii by Cornbeef666

    Chapter 14 in 48 Hours As A Girl

    "I can't find the Wii, Dad!" Alex called as he came down the stairs. Your heartbeat picked up, just knowing you were going to be caught. But Carl is smart and fast, he doesn't step away, but pulls over the chopping board and an apple with a knife and sets himself up behind you....

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