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  1. Your instinct for self preservation dictates that you get your hot little body covered up asap. by ISSIS Tknups

    Chapter 3 in 48 Hours As A Girl

    As emotions, curiosities, sexual excitement and tension from both your physical self and your psychological self become increasingly overwhelming. Sheer panic is transformed into sheer terror as distinguishing which of you are experiencing which feelings becomes more difficult. D...

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  2. Day 3 - Sharing is caring by boobboob

    Chapter 8 in 48 Hours As A Girl

    You open your wardrobe and begin looking through your stuff to find something that looks somewhat feminine, while still covering as much of your body as possible. There were a couple of XXL shirts you could use, they'd look like a robe on your petite, small body! Boxer shorts wer...

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  3. Some daughterly advice for your father by boobboob

    Chapter 7 in 48 Hours As A Girl

    While you're retreating up the stairs, you faintly hear Gwen still talking to your father downstairs. You pause, crouch down and try to listen to some of what was being said, but... at best you could make out Gwen mentioning the words "Alcohol," and "Relaxing." Man that sounds gr...

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  4. Starting by surprise by TitManDDo

    Chapter 39 in The Referral Program

    It takes a few moments to get both of us off the floor; Siobhan is a little unsteady on her feet. I’m sure she expects me to lead her somewhere horizontal, but instead I start by dropping back to my knees. I hook my thumbs into the waistband of her panties and start to pull them...

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  5. Tell them you're an item! by JonGrey

    Chapter 6 in Office Retreat

    Yes. “Sarah and I have developed a mutual fondness for each other,” you say diplomatically. Emily grins and both Beth and Emily run straight past you to hug Sarah. “That's awesome Sarah!” Emily says excitedly. “I can't wait to talk about it when he's not here!” You nod, realizi...

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  6. You have to try... by JonGrey

    Chapter 5 in Office Retreat

    Emboldened by Sarah's teasing comments, you gently place your hand directly over the bra cup. “Damn,” Sarah whispers. “You don't waste time,” she says. She makes no move to stop you, and she even grins as she feels your palm cup the front of her breast. Sarah's eyes remain closed...

  7. Olivia. On a 10+, make her cum, take +1 forward, gain GROUP SEX. by Zingiber

    Chapter 109 in Slut World

    Olivia grips the edges of the bed tightly as you go down on her. The tall, athletic nurse trainee is finally getting what you were hoping to give her. *Are you into girls?* Olivia had asked. *Yes, I am very much into girls,* you'd answered. Especially tall, dark-skinned...

  8. Someone you used to know by boobboob

    Chapter 9 in 48 Hours As A Girl

    As the shadowy figure steps closer, you begin seeing the first few details. It was a person wearing some simple street clothes, entirely ordinary... Behind him, the nurse from earlier steps into the room as well. "There she is. Since you couldn't afford the premium package, sh...

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  9. Playing Never Have I Ever. by randodiscard

    Chapter 10 in Fun on a Cruise Ship

    Michael didn't want to put a damper on the party, and he knew that turning down the very first suggestion wouldn't be a very good first impression at all. Plus, he wouldn't have to drink a ton, and he would get to learn more about those two hotties he was sharing the hot tub with...

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  10. Lunch. by airwreck

    Chapter 51 in Stud.

    The girls emerged from the bedrooms wearing light floral-print dresses that highlighted their shapely feminine form -- Sam wore a long light green sundress that barely showed her small baby bump and Emma wore a baby blue fit and flare dress that showed off her curves and long, sl...

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