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  1. The Tavern by Xenolan

    Chapter 3 in It's Good to be the King

    "I believe I'd like to start the day with a cup at the Dancing Maid," you say to Captain Navarre. "Very good, Sire," he says falling in behind you. People stand aside as you enter the tavern, and pass your cape over to the manservant who assists the noble visitors to the In...

  2. Rosaline gets exactly what she wants! by Xenolan

    Chapter 10 in It's Good to be the King

    Your own robes are difficult to remove, but you manage it well enough, and soon you are bending Rosaline backward over the settee, cupping a breast in one hand and holding her close with the other. Her hands go immediately to your manhood, stroking it tenderly up and down. "I...

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  3. An interlude with Rosaline by Xenolan

    Chapter 9 in It's Good to be the King

    "My lady Rosaline," you say, "as one who admittedly has not been King for very long, I can't help but find these sorts of events rather trying. A few minutes away from this crowd would do me good. Perhaps you would care to accompany me? I have never really had the chance to gi...

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  4. Lady Rosaline is curious by Xenolan

    Chapter 8 in It's Good to be the King

    Tomorrow, you will be able to enjoy the festival more thoroughly, with the common folk; for now, however, your duties as King demand that you mingle with the lords and important guests in the Great Hall. "Lady Vixen" is off talking with yor friend the Sultan, and you can tell th...

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  5. Inspect yourself when you get the chance by boobboob

    Chapter 10 in 48 Hours As A Girl

    The two of you stay connected for a little while, until you can hear your mother politely knocking on the door and announcing that breakfast was ready and waiting. You quickly give Frank a kiss on the cheek before he carefully pulls out, popping out of your vag with an audible sq...

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  6. Escort her to the Festival by Xenolan

    Chapter 7 in It's Good to be the King

    "Do you have a name by which I might call you?" you ask. "None that I care to give, Your Grace. For the moment, I am only the Vixen." "Lady Vixen, then," you nod in agreement. "If you wish, Your Grace." "If you must address me formally, 'Sire' will do. Too many titl...

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  7. Valerie makes a discovery by Xenolan

    Chapter 6 in It's Good to be the King

    You return to the castle by the back gate, and turn over the Sultan's horse to be led to the stables for water. Entering the main keep, you find Duncan waiting for you. "She is unhurt, Sire," Duncan says quietly once you are close enough to hear a whisper. "Mademoiselle Vale...

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  8. In her pussy. by airwreck

    Chapter 34 in The Lust Doctor

    "Miki-chan, please stop," Kenji panted. His wife stopped and popped his cock from her mouth. "Why?" "I need to fuck you," he replied, offering his hand to help her stand him. Before she could stand, Kenji bent his wife over the table and unceremoniously jabbed his cock in her c...

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  9. You don't want to get pregnant, do you? by weepingwillow

    Chapter 21 in 48 Hours As A Girl

    "Please no," you say begging the man, pushing against your inner entrances. "Not a choice whore," he shot back, pushing his tip into your tight pussy. "In your ass or in your pussy," he said repeating himself again. It felt so good, hot against your insides, spreading your pin...

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  10. Miss: Leave Julie a voicemail by Zingiber

    Chapter 86 in Slut World

    The call connects on the fourth ring. "Hi there, please leave a message!" Julie's voice sounds in your ear. "Julie, this is Gloria, I...just seeing if you were free before your shift? See you." You disconnect. Vincent's in his dressing gown, a cup of coffee in each hand...

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