Rings of Confirmation

Rings of Confirmation

'Can't say no to that!'

Chapter 1 by BiBiComte BiBiComte


One ring makes the answer to any yes-or-no question always 'YES'. However, this not only compels others to agree -- it also magically makes the statement indubitably True, shaping reality, physics, or society to its accordance. This works on everyone and thing; even those that do not understand the speaker's language, cannot hear them, or are inanimate. (If you are wondering, 'But how about--' the answer is yes, even that. It as powerful as the bearer wishes to utilize it. [See below for FAQ.])

The other ring does the opposite -- with all answers fixed as 'NO' instead of yes, with equal power and functionality.

The answers themselves don't need to be exactly 'yes' or exactly 'no', only for the affirmation/negation to be acknowledged.

If one wears both rings at the same time, the effects will be inverted to the wearer -- making them compelled to answer every yes/no question, and give either a 'No' or 'Yes', likewise making the corresponding values true. Whether they are provoked to affirming or negating depends on which ring was put on last.

Hands play another additional role in the way the rings' powers manifest themselves: due to a mysterious curse during their creation, the perception of the bearer themselves has also been tied to the hand they elect to wear it on, and is a crucial detail that, more times than not, will come down to the luck of the picking:

If worn on the right hand, the bearer will be as oblivious to the changes imposed by the ring as the rest of the world (e.g. they will see the results as having always been fact).

If worn on the left hand, the bearer will be aware of and notice the changes imposed by the ring (e.g. they will be able to remember what the nature of things truly was like beforehand, considering they were previously aware of it and can afford the attention) while also being impervious to the effects of the other ring, if it is also active -- specifically, that is, in regards to being to Affirm or Negate a question. If a question about them is asked, it may still be Affirmed/Negated by other people, and while the other bearer may be aware of the changes, they will still take place; they can simply perceive them happening.

With both rings equipped, the hand of the latest ring will likewise be responsible for the bearer's obliviousness/awareness to/of its effects and mode of confirmation.

If equipped through other avenues (not via the wearer's hands), the color of perception will be based on the last one that it was imbued with. So, if it was last used on a right hand, then obliviousness would still be imbued upon the bearer. However, it is important to note that the colors of perception aren't officially imbued until the ring is used with it -- if one switches a ring that was used from the left hand to the right, but no question to be Affirmed or Negated is brought forward, then it won't carry the awareness defect of the right hand, and vice versa.

The Ring of Affirmation is a sleek gold color, while the Ring of Negation boasts a reflective silver.


  • Is it possible to change the rings themselves or the nature of their powers?

The short answer is no; you can not change the appearance of the rings or the nature of their powers, or duplicate their powers through another vessel. Questions leading to this will not be imbued with the ability as well, being free to be answered normally (though said answer won't be Affirmed or Negated). This is one of an extremely few group of things (along with truths that lie beyond the material and divine realm, multiverse, or concepts of existence only the preeminent progenitor of all things that were, are, and will be can fathom) that can not be affected by the magic.

The long answer, however, is yes... but, at a price of time no one can afford. The rings are hypothetically vessels for unfathomable entities based on the duality of creation and destruction, the possible and the impossible; the power in their possession lying far beyond that of any modern pantheon of gods or reality warpers. For the sake of self-preservation one can say they've safeguarded themselves from their own power. The way this works is by locking the ability of bearers to make changes to the rings behind a specific condition: asking one question, and only that one question, a near-infinite amount of times. It would take a decillion^2 the processing speed of an entire solar system of supercomputers to reach this number in 3 years.

But that's not all, as there is a third answer. Simultaneously the simplest and most ambiguous, which is, actually, also, yes.


a) the rings like you, b) they like the possibilities, or c) you catch them while they're sleeping, which happens at random in very short windows of time [relatively speaking, this could either amount to a nanosecond or 50 years].

(In other words, the writer's interpretation has the final say; seize it and run with it bandsmen!)

  • Can the rings be used to destroy the universe and all life within it?

Yes, particularly with a wrongly placed question while bearing the Ring of Negation. Though the Ring of Affirmation isn't much better.

  • Do the rings really have a mind of their own?

I wouldn't try talking to them, if that's what you're asking.

But I do hear that, if your fortunes end up backfiring, or you end up losing the rings forever, or it feels like you walked into a backwards porn plot, well... you may hear a faint set of fiendish giggles in the background, if you listen closely. Could just be the dissociation.

Who starts off with which rings?

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