Tribulations of a Princess

Tribulations of a Princess

Robbing the rich, but not of their money...

Chapter 1 by JimJoeBob JimJoeBob

To Readers: Feel free to add a chapter if you want, I don't really deny anything from being published. The more content there is means the more readers there are and ideas that can be formed into new story chapters or entire arcs. Mo' princesses, mo' sex. Anyway, thank you for reading and enjoy.

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A princess. Always a beautiful young woman who had been pampered all her life. Some are always in distress, waiting for their white knight to ride on his horse in order to save and marry them. Others are strong and independent, trying to fight expectations and stereotypes created by close minded men. One thing will be common amongst these girls, their lives shall hence forth tumble downhill. Now, mirror mirror on the wall. Who is the most beautiful of them all?

The Princess?

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