Army Customizer

Army customizer

Chapter 1 by majus majus

You died.

But that was not the end.

You ended up in white space, with a window explaining your situation. Apparently you ended up in some kind of RTS/RPG game.

From here you can define your 'next great adventure'.

You can choose your avatar – it's gender, looks, race, traits, skill tree, etc. of course as starting hero you will receive only basic equipment.

Then you can choose your army – knights, US marines, SS troopers, Star Wars storm-troopers, Space Marines, Orcs, Night Elves, Skavens, American Indians, Amazons, Roman Legionaries, Zerg, Cylons, Protos, Han's dynasty soldiers, Undead, Demons, etc. which you can further customize during game (looks, gender, equipment) but not after unit was deployed. While troops will have basic personalities (customisable as well), support heroes/commanders will have truly in depth characters (you will have the ability to create a characters back-story during his/hers creation).

After that you have to choose the world you will find yourself in:

Will it be an alternate history, with you leading Carthage's troops against Romans, will you be leading Nazi troops during 2 WW... or some other alternate history scenario, where Byzantium defeated Ottomans, German won I WW and White Movement defeated Red Revolution? Or maybe you will lead storm-troopers in Star Wars, or lead Zerg as a Hive-Mind, maybe be a rouge Cylon fighting against your brethren, or leading your own Imperial Guardsmen against forces of Chaos? Or maybe you will take your army to completely different world - lead a chapter of Blood Ravens Space Marines against Night Elves of Azeroth?

You can modify the rules of the world you will be in – to a certain degree... f.e. fighting in Medieval times where male-female ratio was 1-100, so women have leading role in society, while male are nothing more than a breeders. Or after 2000 years, Roman Empire still exists and technology didn't progresse much. Or in Star Wars where Palpatine was never a Sith – instead Padme is.

After you finish, you will have to follow a somewhat game rules.

Gather requisition/materials/fame to buy troops. You will only be capable to start with basic grunts, before acquiring commander and more powerful units. You troops will die, so will your commanders. If you get involved with them, how will you cope with it?

How will you interact with natives? Will you subject them, cooperate with them, destroy them, enslave them, help them? Will you try to change history of world you end up in? How will you interact with your army? What will you do in completely new world, with loyal army?

Forum thread:

Creation of Avatar (name, occupation, race);Army(race, faction);World of choosing

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