God's apprentice

God's apprentice

Or God's guinea pig?

Chapter 1 by Khan Khan

You were in your room, minding your own business, when the halo suddenly came out of nowhere and enwrapped you. You knew you should normally feel afraid, but for some reason, such emotion couldn't cloud your mind.


The voice was coming from nowhere and everywhere at the same time. It was powerful and comforting.

"God?" For some reason, you knew it was Him. Well, to be fair, it was an easy guess.

Michael, you've be chosen among all men. You will be granted absolute power over the whole universe.

"Wait, does it mean I'm the new messiah? Like Jesus?"

No, you have nothing to do with Jesus. He answers harshly. Don't ever mention it again and, for My sake, don't call Me daddy. That always makes Me feel awkward.

You remain silent for a few seconds before daring to talk again. "Sooo... God will do, I guess."

God will definitely do. Anyway, as I said, you will be granted absolute power. Use it as you like.

"As I like? You mean, as long as it's in the name of good, right?"

Oh, no, you're entirely free. You can eat babies for breakfast or even pineapples on pizzas if that's what you're into.

"But... Aren't You here to enforce morality? Is it some sort of trick game, like I have my own free will but if I don't use it in the good way I will burn in hell and the whole world will be drowned in a flood again?"

No, I'm done with all this morality bullshit. Listen, just because I created you and the whole universe you live in doesn't mean I'm necessarily always right. And just because someone atribute a quote to Me doesn't mean it's true. Yeah, there's been some times I overreacted because some things didn't go the way I wanted. I was young and saw myself as an artist, and I thought My artwork had no value if it wasn't exactly like I intended it to be.

Even in your current state, the idea of the only true and all powerful God being a teenage hipster with anger issues fighten you more than when you thought He was just an old bigot with anger issues.

Don't worry, I calmed down since then, He declares like He just read your mind. Which He probably did. Now I see Myself more like a scientist. I do experiments. I'm curious.

"I see... Wait, is that it? I'm an experiment?"

Exactly. I wanted to know what a human without any barrier would do. Oh, and don't worry about hell. You're immortal, now, and will keep your power for all eternity. Consider this like your own private paradise. Concerning what you can do, if you want to change a person, a creature or an item, you just have to wish for it. But if you wish to change how the whole world works, from social norms to laws of physics, you have to write the new rules.

"Write it? Where? In a magical book?"

It doesn't matter. In the sand, on paper, on a computer, on a wall, as long as you write it it's set as a rule. Be careful however, if you erase one of your rules yourself, it will be canceled. If two rules contradict each other, the last one will take effect and erase the former. Oh, and rules set on computer are only taken into account as long as they're in the read-only memory, which means you have to save it.

Once again, you remain silent for a moment. You don't really know what to say.

Thank you, maybe?

"Oh, yes, thank You! I promise I won't disappoint You!"

You suddenly realise you're talking to yourself. You're back to your bedroom and see nothing unusual.

What will you do first with your new power?

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