Super ENM

Super ENM

Villains and hot guys, beware!

Chapter 1

It’s time for some men to lose their clothes thanks to some superpowered guys and gals! This story can go one of two ways:

  1. You’re woman or man who suddenly develops a superpower(s) and uses it/them to strip men naked in public. It could be something like being able to control fabric or mind controlling a guy into stripping. Maybe your power is being able to turn invisible to steal a guy’s clothes or straight up just the ability to make clothes or objects disappear.


  1. You’re a man who suddenly develops a superpower(s) but it/they constantly results in you ending up naked in public. It could be something like you are able to turn invisible or teleport but can’t take your clothes with you or you can make fire but you keep burning your clothes off! Maybe you have a really awesome power like telekinesis or something, but you can only use the power when you are naked.

You aren’t necessarily a superhero or anything, they can be an ordinary person who just develops powers somehow. However, you could set it in a superhero world and have your character be a hero or villain if you so desire. Just have fun with it and make it sexy and embarrassing for the hunky men!

One thing I do ask is that you don’t have any ENF in your stories. I really want them to be ENM-specific. You can have the naked men get raped or mind controlled, but please, no incest, scat, or gore. Thank you and have fun!

Who will you be?

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