Futa Planet

Futa Planet

Everything is just an excuse for sex.

Chapter 1 by Katie's Kitties Katie's Kitties

Futanari are women who were born with both sets of genitals, a penis and a vagina. In the mid twenty-first century, women began to be born with this genetic disorder. Their semen had the same effect as a man's semen, and could impregnate both women and futanari. Unfortunately, not enough men were being born, since they became obsolete. Since there were no more male births, human males became extinct.

Futanari are driven primarily by one emotion: lust. The hormones produced make them horny very quickly and often, and they can only function normally for a few hours at most before they need to masturbate or have sex. Since futas consist of 94% of human population in 2543, society is built around sex. Things that would be considered sex acts back in the early 2000s like groping one's breasts or stroking one's dick are considered common greetings, or just being polite.

DISCLAIMER: All characters in this story are adults of 18 years or older.

This is a collection of stories of people living in this futanari future. Feel free to add your own chapters and stories to it.

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