The Virgin Games

The Virgin Games

Naked and afriad on an island inhabited by horny men, can you reach the cash prize with your virginity intact?

Chapter 1 by GateKeeper_A GateKeeper_A

"You all know why you're here," The well dressed gentleman purrs with a smile, "You're here for the chance to win ten million dollars, CASH." He flashes his toothy grin.

"You've all signed your paperwork and agreed to the terms of the game. This island," a touch of mischief touches his eyes, "Yes, I said island, which means you can't chicken out and try to make a run for it. This island is abandoned with the exception of you ten girls, and the fifty horny men who will trying to prevent you from reaching your goal. The entire island is under surveillance for the sake of the show, and all of our men have cameras as well.

The man hefts a small green backpack, "When you leave this room, this is the ONLY thing you will be leaving with. You will strip naked as the day you were born before leaving. You will have a one hour start before the game proper begins. Each bag contains a single day's worth of food and water, a map of the island, though you'll have to figure out where you are on that map, a first aid kit, and an emergency pager. The pager is only for if you are in dire need of assistance, such as a serious injury. Your virginity lost does not count." He lets out a little laugh at that.

"On your map are a host of locations marked. These locations could contain anything. Some of them are safe houses where you can lock the door behind you and rest without risk, others might contain clothing, food or water, condoms or other useful items. Or they may be a trap where one or more of the men on this island is waiting to catch and fuck you. You dont know, I dont know, and the people at home watching dont know."

"If you stay in one place for more than five hours, every male on the island will be alerted to your exact location, so if you have to stop and rest, keep it quick, otherwise you're likely to wake up to a gangbang. Leaving this room with your clothes on will result in your exact location being broadcast to every man on this island. Tampering with any of the equipment placed upon this island, including speakers and cameras, will result in your exact location being broadcast to every man on this island," He gives those words a few seconds to sink in before continuing, "You may choose to work together, but remember, you cant share the prize money at the end, and none of you knows the others," His grin grows a little, becoming mischievous, "With the obvious exception of the sisters of course, so who knows if they really want to work with you, or if they just want someone to use as bait to preserve their own virginity a little bit longer," The smile on his face is no longer kind, as its taken on a considerably more predatory edge.

"This is the twenty third episode of our show. In that time, there have been four winners, only one of who finished the game with their virginity intact. The fastest anyone has ever collected the prize was just a few minutes under three days. The game ends when either the prize is collected, or when the last girl on the island looses her virginity."

The man tosses the first backpack to a wide eyed, scared looking Asian girl, "There are already twenty-five men positioned across the island, ready to seek you out. The other twenty-five will be entering this very room in exactly one hour," He gestures to the clock on the wall behind him, right as it strikes 6am, "Sun's coming up right now, you might all want to get moving while the day is still young.

One bag after another, he tosses each of the girls one of the small green backpacks, "I'd wish you all luck, but to be honest, I cant wait to see each and every one of you get fucked for the first time," Without a further word, the man turns and exits the room.

The girls in the room cast fearful looks between themselves, some starting to undress, others appear frozen to the spot. Their expressions begin to settle into a range of grim determination to outright fear.


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