The Company

The Company

Escape the Pit

Chapter 1 by Jnightshade Jnightshade

You are psyched. You just signed onto a rapidly growing company. Your salary and benefits package is generous and has all your friends jealous.

You enter the modern high tech building. At the entrance two surprisingly muscular and good looking security guards stop you. They check your ID, and walk you through some kind of scanner. Finally, they let you through.

You enter the nearly filled onboarding conference room eager to begin your new career with The Company.

You are greeted by a gorgeous, sexy red haired woman. She wears a women's business suit, but it somehow doesn't cover as much as it should. Her impressive cleavage and toned round butt are on full display.

She gives you a toothy grin. "Welcome to The Company. My name is Elizbet, what's yours?"

What's yours?

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