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  1. The Whittman Society by coolusernamehuh

    6 minutes ago

    A society where women are decided to serving a man's every need. One man is invited in, but will he agree with their philosophies? Will he find a wife that pleases him?

    100% (293 users)
    29 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Male
  2. Naked at College by nahdude

    8 minutes ago

    College girls find themselves in embarrassing situations with less clothes than they'd prefer. The description says 3rd person POV but if you want 1st or 2nd POV go for it. Just don't change POV halfway through a story.

    100% (499 users)
    19 Chapters Deep
    Exhibitionist & Voyeur
    3rd Person, Female
  3. Next Door Neighbors by MickeyMoose5

    18 minutes ago

    Chris Wills a widower of four years takes control of his new neighbor's wife and daughter. Exhibition, spanking, oral sex, some anal mother and daughter sex, threesome. Pregnancy. Male domination, lactating mom. Story is fiction as are all the characters.

    100% (255 users)
    22 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Male
  4. The RAPST Crisis by neo_kenka

    36 minutes ago

    A big pharma research facility accidentally releases an airborne strain of gene-splicers coded to women, meant to activate dormant evolutionary genes to bind and morph them into the perfect mates for the men who mold them. Without the matching male genes meant to constrain their sexual desires in turn, all Hell breaks loose.

    100% (137 users)
    12 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Female
  5. The Price Of Glory by Gensixx

    39 minutes ago

    The kingdom it's in danger! It's the perfect opportunity to show them what are you made of.

    100% (25 users)
    8 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Both
  6. The Royal Succession by crunchyspag

    43 minutes ago

    This story is meant to be a semi-realistic game focused around the succession to a fictional medieval kingdom. Impregnation and related fetishes will dominate, though users-added chapters may take things in a different direction. Non-consent/reluctance will be available as optional, not mandatory choices.

    100% (1,137 users)
    23 Chapters Deep
    Erotic Couplings
    2nd Person, Male
  7. Unusual by Kanter

    59 minutes ago

    Women start behaving strangely around Kate.

    100% (23 users)
    3 Chapters Deep
    Mind Control
    3rd Person, Female
  8. 48 Hours As A Girl by generaljiggler

    1 hour ago

    You have been magically transformed into a girl. Avoid getting knocked up!

    100% (13,000 users)
    53 Chapters Deep
    Erotic Couplings
    2nd Person, Male
    Threesome, Lesbian, Impregnation, Dress-up, female orgasm, Submissive, Tricked, pregnant, sex, creampie, sleepy, turned on, arousal, Impregnate, Trick, masturbation, public restroom, sleazy, dildo, fantasising, strip halo, videogame, sharing, father son gangbang, penetration, surprise sex, impreg, cock sleeve, unprotected, virgin, deflowered, first time, orgasm, cunnilingus, condom, cum, risky, impreg?, cum on pussy, fingering, doggy style, exhibitionism, old man perv, window sex, wet-dreams, bareback, accidental insertion, dry hump accident, enf, caught naked, group sex, doggystyle, playroom, clothes swap, too small clothes, broken condom, cum in mouth, oral creampie, fucking, sandy, swimming, campfire, toys, fleshlight, monster dick, kitchen sex, sex futon, unsafe sex, unconsciousness, blacking out, bad sex practices, no communication, bare, sleep sex, cockwarming, dick-in-sleep, trading favors, sex trade, IOU, Skinny dipping, Surfing, Bitchy, viagra, unknown sex, mystery sex, indecisive, what will you do, squirting, blowjob, stealth creampie, forgotten condom, anorgasmia, dubious consent, caught, masturbating, pregnancy test, incest, sisters, reluctance, dirty talk, double penetration, cum lube, forced orgasm, refusal, cumshot, kinky, daddy-daughter 'play', girl on top, mother, spanking, deep throat, hair holding, interracial, drunk, white girl, hand job, wet, stripped, petplay, seduction, risk of pregnancy, dog, anal, domination, submission, tail, ears, collar, leash, Age Difference, Mindbreak, dry hump, frotting, cameltoe slide, breeding, strapon, squirting strapon, trapped, behind, secret sex, doesn't know they're having sex, passionate, clothed hump, teasing