Modern Family

based on popular tv show

Chapter 1 by Godzilla87 Godzilla87

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Luke- the youngest and only son in the Dunfee family. He isn't too bright when it comes to school, but he does wield some impressive street smarts. He has two older sisters, Haley and Alex. Luke can be annoying to them sometimes. He is usually considered his parents', Phil and Claire, favorite child. Luke has somewhat curly dark hair. He isn't very athletic with an average build to his body.

Claire- She is the mother of three children, Haley, Alex, and Luke. Her husband is Phil. Her father, Jay, recently remarried to Gloria, a Latina, who has a boy named Manny. Gloria has been a point of contention for Claire. She has always been a daddy's girl and has trouble with Gloria being the same age as her. She has one brother, Mitchell. Claire is a slim fair skinned woman. She has B-cup sized breasts, a tight little ass, and long well-toned legs from running. She has blonde hair that comes down to her shoulders.

Haley-Haley is the oldest of the Dunfee children and causes the most stress for her parents, Claire and Phil. Haley was to say the wild child of the family. Her mother was in constant fear of Haley getting pregnant from one of the various guys she was dating. At heart, Haley was a daddy's girl. Haley had a tight little body, her only fat was in all the right places to give her the curves all guys and some women wanted to grab. She had small breasts, somewhere between an A and a B-cup. She was naturally skinny with a flat stomach and smooth legs. She had a perky ass and was open very sexually. Haley had many experiences with both guys and girls.

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