Enm at work

Enm at work

Blushing on the job site.

Chapter 1 by Onlysorta Onlysorta

Call me, Ahab, this is the tale of my embarrassing day at work , a humiliating story in which the lady I've been pining after for quite some time now, a sharp, attractive businesswoman with a flirty side, saw me completely naked.

I was never quite sure where it was that she worked but, my crush Ming Zhao's routine involved passing by my workplace, and we would always talk for at least a little while whenever she came around. she would also sometimes check me out and, even though I enjoyed it then, well, it's a whole other feeling when you're baring it all.

It happened on a warm, but thankfully windy summer day, I was going through my motions at work feeling close to bordedom, even if I do like my job, when I turn my head toward the clicking footsteps of a pair of high heels and see Ming Zhao walking up to me, lifting my spirits in an instant.

"Good afternoon Ahab! " she says to me with a pleasant smile "you're looking good today," I see her brush an errant lock of hair from her face as she continues "I am actually free today so I figured I'd hang around with you."

Now, what was my job again?

Construction worker, Policeman, Gardener, Barista or something else?

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