Enm at Work

Enm at Work

A day at work starts normally, but then I wind up naked and humiliated in front of my hot crush.

Chapter 1 by Onlysorta Onlysorta

Call me, Ahab, this is the tale of my embarrassing day at work, a humiliating story in which the lady I've been pining after for quite some time now, a sharp, attractive businesswoman with a flirty side, saw me completely naked.

I was never absolutely certain where it was that she worked, but, my crush Ming Zhao's routine involved passing by my workplace, and we would always talk for at least a little while whenever she came around. She would also sometimes check me out and, even though I enjoyed it then, well, it's a whole other feeling when you're baring it all.

Here might be a good time to mention that she was hardly the only woman to see me naked that awful, awful day. Oh yes, whether it was one of my hot coworkers or an unknown passerby, the eyes of so many women saw everything I had to hide.

Even so, the worst part was still that the smart, gorgeous, lady I was crushing on got an eyeful of my naked body.

But... I feel like I'm getting ahead of myself here, I totally forgot to mention something kind of important. What was my job again?

Construction worker, Policeman, Gardener, Barista or something else?

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