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  1. Introduction by brooke

    Chapter 1 in Fantasy Fulfillment

    There was a knock on the door. Natalie stood and answered it, her long brown hair twirling around her. She wasn't expecting anyone important, so she assumed it was a door-to-door salesman or something. So she was very shocked to see the tall, dark haired woman in the sunshades st...

  2. Introduction by Brandon132465

    Chapter 1 in Lezbo Dream

    It was a dark scary night, and Andrea and her best friend Courtney were home alone. Andrea was wearing a tight white blouse and mini shorts. Courtney was wearing a thong and bra.

  3. Introduction by MadameBlue

    Chapter 1 in Just Waiting

    The day had been long and uneventful. As usual Tony had taken off for the day with my car and left me to bum around the house by myself. Angry and irrited at him, I spurned the few men that chanced to look my way for converstation. With nothing to do I sat down to finish re...

  4. Introduction by MsLinnet

    Chapter 1 in The Weekend That Changed My life

    I was away this weekend and I have messed up my life I think. Lynda and I went to a wedding of an old friend that I have not seen for a long time we were to go on to the party afterwards but I think I screwed it up before that we got to my old girlfriends house at about 10 pm o...

  5. Introduction by Brandon6666

    Chapter 1 in Sara and Courtney

    It was a dark and scary night. Sara and Courtney were home alone in their apartment. They have been lesbians since they were 18. Now they 23 they love each other very much. It is now 5 pm, and Sara is getting board. So, she asks "Courtney, do you want to have sex?" "Sure" C...

  6. Introduction by jshclhn

    Chapter 1 in Questions In The Shower Room

    18-year-old Leslie couldn't believe it. That strict ass swim coach made her and her best friend Sara swim extra laps for talking. It was bad enough having two practices a day for two hours each. Leslie was about to collapse from exhaustion. by the time she reached the showers, th...

  7. Introduction by Pilop

    Chapter 1 in Wet and wild

    Aria is a 18 year old blonde, gifted with a dream body any correct-minded girl would love to have. Her legs are long and fine with not much fat but also not so skinny like the fashion models, while her breasts are at the firm size of 37C. Her arched back is reputed to be as beaut...

  8. Introduction by coolharriet

    Chapter 1 in Oopsie!

    Emily walked back to her room and gasped. Two cheerleaders were in a 69 position moaning and bucking. One of the cheerleader's name was Shana and was her roommate. The other one she didn't know the name of. Emily stood at her door, shocked and unable to move. She watched as...

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  9. Introduction by MadtownGurl

    Chapter 1 in Winona Ryder Goes To Jail

    Having lost her case, Winona Ryder was now being processed, and issued her orange overalls, prison underwear and toiletries. She was totally humiliated. Her lawyer had assured her it would never come to this. Now, mostly due to his ineptitude she would be spending 90 days...

  10. Introduction by UnknownSpyder

    Chapter 1 in Cheerleading Fun

    This is the first of a (hopefully ongoing) series of Psuedo-Autobiographical stories that I hope I can spawn, involving a composite of my girlfriend and I, either as the heroine or as one of the feminine companions. I welcome contributions - it's not meant to be my actual life st...

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