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  1. She does by Shendude

    Chapter 14 in Savage Land, Savage Lesbians

    Though it pained N’ta-sha to potentially bring trouble to good friends, the current situation was too dire to let such qualms stop her. Also, it seemed like forever since she had known the pleasure of mating with a friend rather than foe or...whatever one would call the Hydras th...

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  2. N'Ta-Sha runs into a problem. by Shendude

    Chapter 13 in Savage Land, Savage Lesbians

    N'ta-Sha traveled quickly, stopping only once to rest, eat, and enjoy Bobbi's shapely body, especially her luscious tits...though she did not take as much pleasure in doing so as she normally would in being serviced by such a lovely raid-slave. Despite her best efforts, she simpl...

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  3. A Storm of Revelations by LesLes

    Chapter 12 in Savage Land, Savage Lesbians

    Black Widow climbed unsteadily to her feet. Despite her training in the Red Room and her peak physical condition her limbs trembled with exhaustion and her legs could barely support her weight. She needed help and advice in dealing with her new and unnatural raid-slaves. "Gather...

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  4. The Women of the X-Tribe are revealed by LesLes

    Chapter 11 in Savage Land, Savage Lesbians

    Kitty's eyes avoided the smoke and flame atop the fire mountain as she moved through the huts of the Burnt Place. It annoyed her that she was doing so, but it would annoy her more to look. She had the right to be there, she ought to be there. She ought to be there supporting her...

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  5. June 2nd by lezcindy

    Chapter 2 in Teri's Diary

    Dear Diary, Today was just another reason why I need to vent my infatuation here instead of acting on it. Today I had to grocery shop, but when I got home I heard Liza outside in the pool with one of her friends. As I started putting away the groceries it looked like two girls r...

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  6. Introduction by lezcindy

    Chapter 1 in Teri's Diary

    May 31st, 2017 Dear Diary, First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Teri. I'm 37 years old, and married to a man I thought I loved. In retrospect I should have realized that the minute I became his wife that his work came before all else. I used to love his business tri...

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  7. The Black Widow breaks free...sort of by Shendude

    Chapter 10 in Savage Land, Savage Lesbians

    Viper began addressing the multitude of rutting women that surrounded them. "Behold the beauty of our newest acquisition," Viper declared. The Hydra women that swarmed around N'ta-Sha pulled her to her feet, as the crowd echoed Viper's words. "She will please us with her lush...

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  8. Black Widow and the many bodies of the Hydra by LesLes

    Chapter 9 in Savage Land, Savage Lesbians

    [_Go read LunaCee's branch of this story. It's really good!_] The Black Widow looked down on the Hydra nest writhing beneath her. No-one truly knew the origins of the Hydra or where nests sprang from. Each clan and tribe had its own legends, and though many stories were secret...

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  9. Random Encounter by LunaCee

    Chapter 4 in Savage Land, Savage Lesbians

    She slowed to a crawl as she approached a rather wide clearing, a short stretch of beach straddling a great river. Nothing appeared to be there, but she wasn't sure she could trust her sense of sight alone on this island. Coming to a halt, she strained her ears to listen. The sa...

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  10. Unfortunately not. by sansatyrell

    Chapter 4 in Sapphic prison

    For a brief moment, Piper was optimistic. If she was to run nude, at least she could do it on her own, right? The moment didn't last. She heard laughter, looked behind her - and saw a group of girls, all stark naked. Piper wasn't about to forget her situation, but she came clos...

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