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  1. Get fucked! by Oldno.7

    Chapter 3 in Futa Planet

    "Auntie it would be so kind of you if you shoved that fat futa cock into my tight cum slut pussy!" As she finished Roxy moaned and a massive shot of precum slammed into Jae's tits causing the perfect half globes to jiggle and sway as they were covered in the clear liquid. Giggli...

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  2. No Fun before University by killerk7

    Chapter 3 in Fuck Around the world

    Eva decided not too as she would be late for University in. She got ready instead by putting on a bra shirt and some jeans. After she got ready she went to Oxford University she attended all of her classes she had on today. Which included business and accounting after she done he...

  3. She embraces it by LiteraryLover

    Chapter 5 in Sarah's Awakening

    Sarah was completely dumbfounded. Another girl had just kissed her. She had sinned in God's eyes. Wost of all.....Sarah kind of enjoyed it. Gabriella was starting to look worried by Sarah's silence. "I'm sorry, I just had to. I don't know what I was thinking. I'll go now...." Ga...

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  4. Amy by killerk7

    Chapter 3 in Fuck Around the world

    Amy got up at 8:00 to check her profile to see if anything new happend. She saw that there was some messages form another woman named Eva. Amy liked the looks of Eva profile picture and accepted the contact and started talking. They started by typing hey to each other and it got...

  5. Shannon by killerk7

    Chapter 3 in Fuck Around the world

    Shannon was a boss of an company and knew her worker Harriet was always late. Shannon discovered that Harriet on the dating website is the same Harriet. But Harriet did not know that her boss was Shannon. Shannon arrived at work an hour early, she bites her lip because Harriet wa...

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  6. Harriet by killerk7

    Chapter 3 in Fuck Around the world

    As Harriet is moaning over lesbian anal porn in her apartment she relies how good of a time she is having and forgets that she has work. ![]( As she watches porn her hand is near her pussy and she strokes it with two fingers. After...

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  7. Oxford by killerk7

    Chapter 2 in Fuck Around the world

    ![]( Oxford a city that is one hour away from the capital of England. Two major things about Oxford is it's University and Oxford FC. Eva woke up at 7:00 she was reading some old emails from friend...

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  8. Introduction by killerk7

    Chapter 1 in Fuck Around the world

    Fuck around the world is a online dating website which is where females find love online this will contain a deep chapter length for each woman. After your finished with that woman you can go on and message me to edit or read about another woman. This will contain some shemale/fu...

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  9. London by killerk7

    Chapter 2 in Fuck Around the world

    You start in London which is where Amy, Harriet and Shannon live. Amy created her profile last night while Harriet and Shannon created theres this morning. The time is 7:30 in the morning Shannon and Harriet are off to work at 8:00 while Amy is off to university at 9:30. Shannon...

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  10. Her tits look pretty cute... by Wikia

    Chapter 15 in Futa Planet

    As I ceased stroking her, I admired her face. Drool leaking down her chin under the gag, her freckled cheeks blushing and eyes full of tears. My eyes trace down to her breasts. Her shirt was unbuttoned, revealing a bra-less pair of b-cup breasts. While I normally did not care abo...

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