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  1. Introduction by TyTy1124

    Chapter 1 in Pretty Little Inmates

    Rosewood, PA, had always been a boring town. Nothing exciting really happened. "Serious" crimes usually involved teenaged girls stealing from the mall, and even that was rare. Until the spring of 2012... That spring, the current seniors at Rosewood High were eagerly anticipating...

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  2. The Girls by TyTy1124

    Chapter 2 in Pretty Little Inmates

    The girls were sitting in English, the only class that they all had together. Mrs. Montgomery (Aria's mom) was teaching about the book they were reading when Vice Principal Hackett's voice came over the intercom. "Excuse the interruption, could Alison Dilaurentis, Aria Montgomer...

  3. Joan Wittler by tallwoodx2

    Chapter 3 in The Idol of Lesbos

    Joan Wittler at 41 was still a very attractive woman at 5'7 with 34D breasts and an ass and legs to match she was definitely a milf, not that she ever admit it, looked at the statue, she snorted at the '_passion_' nonsense the shopkeep talked about, like Max even looked at her an...

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  4. Follow Abby by Gertrude_Perkins

    Chapter 16 in Futa Planet

    Abby had always been a pale, petite futa, but since turning 18 she hit a growth spurt- in her cock. The rest of her body stayed slight and undeveloped. She had tiny pert breasts and a slender waist with dimples on her lower back. Her cock however was thicker and longer than her o...

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  5. Debbie, the shy girl from across the hall by Shiningbookend

    Chapter 8 in The Idol of Lesbos

    The day , by this point was in full swing. Most girls were either in class or at the very least out and about. With that in mind the trio expected to have the showers to themselves. In fact, they had already discussed their need to get at least a few things done with their day, a...

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  6. All to themselves by Shiningbookend

    Chapter 8 in The Idol of Lesbos

    By now it was midday. Most girls were either in class or at the very least, out and about. The girls had the large shower room to themselves. It wasn't easy for any of them to get through the ordeal of soaping up their naked bodies under the hot, flowing streams of steaming wate...

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  7. Hit the showers by Shiningbookend

    Chapter 7 in The Idol of Lesbos

    After letting Sam loose, and a little licking and heavy petting, the trio decided to hit the showers before doing anything else with their day. "But I like how I smell!" Karen protested. "We all do," Vicky stated with a huff. "But for Christ's sakes girl look at yourself! You l...

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  8. Sammy the squirter by Shiningbookend

    Chapter 6 in The Idol of Lesbos

    Samantha was spread eagle on Karen's bed. She was still naked, covered in the tell tale signs of the previous night's lesbian activities. Before they woke her, Karen silently signaled to Vicky to back out of the room again. Once in the hallway she began laying out her plan. "Oka...

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  9. A clean room, a messy bed by Shiningbookend

    Chapter 6 in The Idol of Lesbos

    Karen's room was immaculate. Even the colored pencils in the coffee cup on her desk seemed to be in a perfect rainbow. There were no empty soda cans, no pile of dirty or even clean laundry. Books were neatly rowed on her shelf and cloths Vicky could see through the open closet do...

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  10. Vicky's Friend Karen by Shiningbookend

    Chapter 4 in The Idol of Lesbos

    "Who is it?" Vicky called through the door. "It's me Karen. Let me in I need to talk to you." Came the reply. Karen was Vicky's neighbor. They shared a wall and had been friends since their first day of the campus tour. Karen and Vicky had grown up in nearby areas of the countr...

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