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Chapter 29 by olly olly

What's next?

The sisters rub their pussies together

Fingers are no longer enough, and at almost the same time the two sisters realize they want to be sharing their pussies directly with each other.

The sisters want to mix their fluids together - pussy juice to pussy juice - in the intimate ritual of pussy rubbing.

They continue to kiss passionate as they fuck each other.

Because fucking is what they both feel like they are doing - they can't think of any other term, perhaps just making love, that best captures the intimacy and sexual excitement of what they are doing right now as their pussies slide against one another.

They alternate between aggressive fucking...

and slow, passionate pussy on pussy rubbing.

The word incest doesn't enter into Bella or Gigi's mind, because what they are doing feels so natural to them.

It's as if their entire lives have been leading them to this point - being so sexualized and sexual and beautiful and comfortable with their bodies...

Bella followed her big sister into modeling because she's always looked up to Gigi - but it was more, she had an attraction to her sister...

And without ever fully realizing it, Bella, lusted over her sister and this moment in your office it's like the damn has been broken and Bella can finally act out what's been buried just below the surface of her desires.

And now finally the two close sisters, just a year and a half apart in age, are now closer together than ever before.

Gigi's extreme lust is fueled by Slave4U, but for Bella, it's her natural attraction and admiration for her sister.

And Bella has simply never been hornier before in her life, her pussy is dripping on her sister's cunt and thighs

She doesn't need to be drugged to be a total slut for her sister.

Bella keeps fucking her sister's pussy, and wanting more, she knows that to cross over the edge of orgasm she needs more, she needs to be filled.

What's next?

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