The Devil's Mystery Box

The Devil's Mystery Box

What will you find?

Chapter 1 by bbcummings bbcummings

Author's note: My idea is for the stories to mostly be 3rd person. However, this section basically has to be second person, so bear with me.


The box you found was peculiar. Usually, a box didn't come with strange markings. It wasn't made out of exotic materials that seemed to defy normal physical behavior. Boxes were usually cardboard or wood. They held old baseball cards or magazines or half-shattered china. They stacked up upon each other in attics and basements and supply closets. Not this box. This box was unique.

Upon lifting the box, which was heavy for its modest size, you felt...something roll around inside. Something that almost seemed to move of its own accord. Curiosity is a powerful emotion and sometimes you just have to indulge it. You place the box on a counter and decide you'll just take a peak.

What do you find?

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