The Definition of Naive

The Definition of Naive

Impossibly gullible women being taken advantage of...

Chapter 1 by SmutMaster SmutMaster

The history behind this town barely made sense.

It wasn't worth going into the minute details. All that mattered was that this town, Haven, shouldn't even exist. Not due to any laws, as previously stated, but because of the religion behind it.

Now, it wasn't unheard of for a particular religious culture to dominate a town. But this religion was different. The founders of Haven had one tenat that they practiced above all else. Do not teach evil, and evil will eventually vanish. It was a simple, misguided concept that, nevertheless, attracted many people over the years, turning a small fishing village into a full grown town. This religion was rather flexible, as long as that one tenant was enforced. It could be molded to fit any existing religion, any interpretation of God. In fact, many of the people of Haven don't even consider themselves religious, with only the more elderly going to church on a regular basis. Haven's culture, however, had already been changed by it. Every parent in Haven neglected to teach their offspring the concept of evil.

As a result, the last two generations of the population simply have no concept of it. They had no idea that men and women could lie or be deceitful. It was better if everyone was taught that people were generally trustworthy, and at least in Haven, that was true. A surprisingly large number of the population weren't even taught about sex, much less the concept of sexual taboos. Even this strange religion wasn't immune from the usual religious stigmas, including fear of sexual promiscuity which, they believed, would lead to sexual deviance and crimes. The elders decided the best way to avoid sexual crimes was to avoid teaching how sex worked all together. Getting such a stigma to stick to an increasingly non-religious population's culture was no easy feat, but somehow, they pulled it off. It varied from family to family, but the end result was grown adults who had to learn for themselves as they grew older, and the majority of people deciding not to teach their offspring. It simply made sense to let young adults learn on their own. Most would stay in Haven.

And then there were young adult women who decided to leave home and pursue their dreams, sent off by parents who themselves didn't even know the reality of what they would face out there...

There are three levels of naivete.

LEVEL 1: Complete and total unawareness of sex and sexual taboos. These women were never taught about sex and, therefore, wouldn't know a cock if they saw one. They are totally trusting of anyone, believing everyone to be good of heart, and as long as a reasonable sounding excuse is given, no matter how flimsy, they are willing to do anything if it makes anyone happy.

LEVEL 2: Some awareness of sex. These people know what sex is but aren't aware of some of normal society's views on them. They may be a little wary, but just like level 1, if a good sounding excuse is given, they can still easily be taken advantage of.

LEVEL 3: Complete bimbo-ness. As a result of lowered stress from there being no evil in Haven, some women don't even bother trying in life. More preoccupied with looking beautiful, these women are easily taken advantage of simply because there's no way they could know better. While LEVEL 1 or 2 people are still savvy to other things and could still work and get an education, LEVEL 3 bimbos are absolutely, hopelessly dumb. A LEVEL 3 bimbo usually either has elements of LEVEL 1 or LEVEL 2.

LEVEL 4: (still being studied, coming soon)

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