A Storm of Emotions

A Storm of Emotions

How hard is it to remain a hero?

Chapter 1 by fishcrem fishcrem

Slow magenta clouds roll over the land of Tourend as a strong breeze whips up dust and scattered leaves from the ground. In a small village along the east coast parents called out for their children to come inside. This was the second storm of this week. The effects of the last storm were barely over. Hell! Eobard is probably still weeping in the loft of The Fat Leaf . The innkeeper is going to kick him out soon if he doesn't start doing his job of entertaining his guests again. An inn with no music doesn't do well at all.

Eobard needs to get over his dead wife or he'll be crying for the rest of his life. The storms don't really help with that particular problem though. Most people go inside during a Lust Storm even if the effects can still be felt albeit less so. The effects aren't too strong on the east coast but staying out in it causes problems sometimes and its just not worth the risk.

Last year Will Helma got caught out in the storm and pretty much impregnated half the women in the town! Long story short: Will was an attractive young man with brilliant blue eyes and a hardened body from doing almost all the work at the Helma's family farm. With the effects of the storm Will couldn't help himself and fucked both the Figend sisters that night. Will must have really liked that and grew an addiction to the storm, staying outside whenever a Lust Storm came around. He's gone now, probably got bored of the women here.

The physical effects of the storm are not too strong but a storm is a storm so the buildings in Tourend are made to last. One benefit of this is that most of the walls are also thicker. With the howling of the wind the usually loud noises of sex and debauchery are relatively muted and from the outside; the town looked and sounded quite peaceful.....

[Hey readers! don't forget to like any chapters that you find particularly appealing it would mean a lot to me. Please do make comments for suggestions or simply to tell me what exactly you liked. Us writers(weird to call myself a writer) live on feedback!

Of course if you'd like to try your hand at contributing I would be very happy for you to do that too. Don't worry if you think you're writing may not be up to par, we're all learning together (Javalar pointed out a major mistake I was making too). As long as the idea/scenes are interesting and sexy I'd be very happy to proofread anything.]

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