Super Magic School RPG

Super Magic School RPG

A magical Sexcapade through your first year in Magic School

Chapter 1 by conkers024 conkers024

It's the first day of Autumn and the start of the fall semester at Ash Forest Academy of Magic, a small school located in the middle of the forest just outside a neighboring village. You've just been accepted as a second year student after gaining the attention of the school's board of directors. Unfortunately that attention was unwanted as you experienced a magical outburst in a very public place thus landing yourself on their radar.

Now here you are, first day of classes, standing around in an impressive marble lobby with around twenty other new students who look equally as clueless as you do. You can't help but feel like cattle as you all stand around grazing, unsure of what to do, dressed identically in your matching school uniforms. You for one had opted to wear the black sweater vest, white button down with long sleeves and heather gray slacks, other students seemed to prefer the full sweater option. With nothing to do but stand around, you seized the opportunity to check out the girls. They were all wearing short gray plaid skirts, most had opted out of the sweaters allowing you to catch peaks of their cleavage in their white button downs.

Finally an old man who looked to be about two hundred years old came into the lobby and greeted everyone. He gave a quick welcome to your new school speech and that you hardly paid attention to before the real fun began. It was time to be sorted into a house. The school had four houses students could be potentially assigned to. A house determined what dorm you'd be staying in, something you were really looking forward to as men and women would share a dorm based on house. The old man handed out a blank metal pin to each student. Once in your palm the pin read your magical potential in each field of study and morphed into your house's symbol. You felt anxious as this would determine where you spent the next three years of your life.

There was a cute brunette that had caught your eye earlier in the day. The two of you bumped into each other on the way in and you could already tell she was a sweet girl form your very brief interaction. You watched as her pin morphed into a Winged horse and prayed yours would do the same. You squeeze the pin tightly as you feel its shape changing, poking and prodding in your sweaty palm. Finally you open your hand and discover...

Which House have you been sorted into?

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