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Chapter 2 by conkers024 conkers024

Which House have you been sorted into?

House Pegasus

You open your palm to find your pin morphed into the shape of a winged stallion. You've been sorted into house Pegasus, a house known for fostering students who are gentle in nature and excel in healing spells. You're excited at being paired with the cute brunette but a bit disappointed in having such a lame mascot. The students all split into four corners as the student representative of each house comes out to fetch your groups.

Molly, a third year student leads your group to the dorm. You notice all the other students with you are female and Molly explains that Pegasus is historically a predominantly female dormitory. Your cock twitches as if it just heard with its own ears what Molly said. You celebrate internally while keeping a cool outward demeanor. You're all lead to the dormitory on the east side of campus, between the cafeteria and medical hall. Molly shows you to a two bed room where you are surprised to find the cute brunette from earlier.

" I'm Parisa," she introduces herself. "it looks like we're roommates this year." she nervously giggles.

The two of you sit down and briefly talk about the school . Parisa was here last semester and she gives you a few tips about getting around. Molly dips in and hands the two of you your class schedules. You have only minutes before your first class is in session. Parisa comments that ti's getting a bit chilly before grabbing some stockings out of her bag. You watch as she casually slips on the thigh high stockings, catching a brief glimpse of her light pink striped panties in the process.

Which class are you off to first?

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