Hometown Adventure

Hometown Adventure

You return a new man, ready to fuck all those sluts from your past.

Chapter 1

As you have finally graduated from college you are finally free again to do what you want. You are 23 years old and there's no need to hurry and find a job. You inherited a lot of money from your grandparents, and you could live off that for a while. You live in a largely populated city, the residence of the aforementioned college you just graduated from. It's a great city to go out in and meet a lot of girls at clubs and parties. However, you've recently got out of a big relationship, and don't feel like seeing your ex around all the time, hooking up with other guys.

Therefore, it's great timing when your dad calls you. He says he and his new wife want to go on holiday for three weeks, but they need someone to mind the house. You offer your services quickly. It's a great time for you to go back to your hometown for a while You've not really been there in almost four years, and you haven't caught up with a lot of people there. You feel like the crushes you had back then might finally want to have sex with you now. Back in the old days, you were an awkward, nerdy kid, unable to make any girl's panties wet.

But in the four years you've been away, you have become a confident man, rather than that sweet, nerdy boy you were back then. You worked out now, took care of yourself, wore great clothes... but not only that; you've become much more thoughtful, kind and good-mannered, and above all, you have learned to be yourself more and became more charismatic. It's no wonder you now have no trouble getting girls to sleep with you in your new town. Hopefully, you can apply those newfound strengths to those old crushes and sexual fantasies of your teenage years.

A few days later yourself inside of your old home. It's morning, you've spent the night there already. You get out of bed and hop in the shower. It's incredibly hot outside, so you decide to take a cold one. You've been sweating all night, so it feels good to get rid of it. Afterward, you clothe yourself as minimally as possible. Just a grey t-shirt and some short pants. You eat your breakfast looking out over the lawn from the kitchen. It's a beautiful day, a good one to go out and see some old friends. What will you do today?

Author's Note: Feel free to add any chapter you like! I'm open to letting anyone join, if they feel like adding something, so if you have any ideas, please add them on to the story. Don't worry about the characters on the sideline, you can totally make up your own! I know I will. These characters are just some guidelines. Or maybe if you want a particular branch of the story continue, write a chapter or two of your own, just to get the story going. Also, please submit some comments and feedback. I would love to hear what you think about my stories. Feedback is highly appreciated!

What are you going to do?

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