An Interview with the Chatelaine

An Interview with the Chatelaine

Meet the power behind the Harem!

Chapter 1 by TatyanaVolonova TatyanaVolonova

The Royal Molonian Harem is a tradition in our country stretching back 1000 years.

Today it is very much a modern establishment in which The Lord High Marshal maintains 2500 beautiful chattels to serve Their Imperial Majesties, Their Royal Court, Ministers of the State and the High Court Judges.

We sent our correspondent Slobadan Milkowicx to interview the person responsible for the efficient running of this historical operation - The Chatelaine, Lady Ludmilla Orsova, who has served Their Majesties for the last 16 years.

SM. Thank you for agreeing to talk to us today, I must say you look very magnificent.

LO. Thank you, the Chatelaines have worn exquisite black leather tailored specifically for them for the last 100 years and the red riding crop is the symbol of our authority, all the other crops that my staff wield are black.

SM. Can we start with a brief history of your service to the Harem.

LO. Of course, as an aristocrat myself my father decided I should honour the family by serving as a chattel to Their Majesties. This I did for the 5 year term, in all the usual ways! Until I was 25, after that I chose to serve another 5 years as a senior chattel, always serving with honour and skill, no matter what!

After this I stayed on and then I became a Trainer for 3 years, during which time I helped develop some of the more complicated punishment cages we now use, for which I was commended. My understanding of obedience and honour and the need for punishment to enforce it is very well developed!

Then I became a Procurer for a further three months where I worked in the capital, sourcing girls of the Civil Sexual Service who might aspire to the Harem, and our southern beaches, where all girls must be naked all summer. I was constantly searching for beautiful girls to Serve and this I did quite successfully, although, of course, there is always a fine choice in Molonia!

I served as the High Procuress for one year, reviewing all procurement decisions, and thousand of photographs. I made many choices that pleased Their Majesties, just as our High Procuress continues to do today, from the very beautiful to the curvaceous. I also sped up the process by allowing Procurers to send in photos of more than one candidate at once, and so was eventually honoured to be selected as the new Royal Harem Chatelaine. I am the youngest Chatelaine ever and have been in the role a year.

SM. May I ask what staff you have here in the Harem to look after the 2500 chattels?

LO. Yes, I have a quite a large staff; a beautiful Senior Trainer with an Assistant and then one Trainer per dormitory, so 125 and then 5 juniors, who were previously chattels, per floor. These latter are themselves in training but always take to the work with gusto! Then I have a Senior Testing Trainer, who is very 46 years old, very glamorous, very experienced and hard working, and her Assistant and staff of 60 Testers (whose work in qualifying our chattels is invaluable and are assigned at five to each floor to continue the girls instruction) and 10 Intake Trainers, with a lot of expertise in our training machines...

Nine medical staff, 45 admin staff (cooks, workshops, archivists, clothing, photography, PT instructors, and teachers. I also have my wonderful Secretary Alexis, who always works naked.

SM. Very interesting, and I see Alexis laughing at me as I stare at her breasts! is it still an honour to serve in the harem?

LO. Very much so, both for commoners and aristocrats, it represents the highest level of self-sacrifice and of loyal service to Their Majesties and reflects very well on a family. It is always honourable. Also, of course, it reduces a families tax burden as the ancient Seraglio Tax for daughters is reduced if one serves in the harem.

SM. I see, and how might a girl apply or be chosen to serve?

LO. Only aristocrats can actually apply to serve and this is done by sending in suitable nude pictures to the High Procuress who may choose to send a Procurer to their home for an interview and sexual aptitude tests.

Commoners are chosen by the Procurers who may spot potential girls working in inns, serving in the Civil Sexual Service in our parks, or, of course, when they are naked, as required by law, on our lovely beaches in the summer. A Procurer will ask a girl to show him her fellatio technique, as well as ask several questions of her...

SM. I see, and what is the next step?

LO. The High Procuress will send a full recommendation and several nude photographs to myself and the Head Trainer, it is her job to choose all new chattels - although, naturally, we do discuss candidates together. Once a girl is chosen I will send a letter to the father and a girl must then have a full medical, where we inspect her entire body of course...

and then come to sign her contract and have her pubic hair totally removed and her IUD fitted.

Only then does she receive her joining instructions. Once chosen a girl must join the harem or her father will be fined and she will be severely flogged by my staff.

SM. How long does a girl serve?

LO. An aristocrat serves a minimum of 5 years and a commoner ten, either can opt to extend their service but their sexual aptitude and stamina will always be assessed in interview and practically, by my staff, before that is allowed. We have stopped the process of negotiating the sale of time-served chattels to aristocratic castles for longer service, now a chattel must leave after 15 years and will be paid a small pension for life.

SM. That is very generous of Their Majesties, is it true though that the training is harder than the army?

LO. (Laughing) There is no doubt that the 90 days of training is indeed very hard, mentally and physically. It involves very long days that start with a classroom lesson and then hours of sexual activity during which a chattel builds her sexual skills and endurance.

We increase a girls tolerance to pain and her overall flexibility and we demand high levels of physical stamina, which we develop in our fine gymnasium. It is very tough but our methods ensure nobody fails!

SM. How do you do that?

LO. Girls who start to fall behind are punished and must train for extra painful periods, that always concentrates the mind!

SM. Very interesting, and how does a trainee finally prove she can serve at the palace?

LO. Before any girl can become a fully approved chattel she undergoes five days of assessment. This includes pleasuring her Trainers for many hours individually and in groups, showing high tolerance to pain in the form of flogging and drinking quite large amounts of bodily fluids with no resistance.

There is also a test on palace etiquette and the recognition of 200 aristocrats. We also expect every chattel to look beautiful of course and wear appropriate cosmetics correctly.

While all this sounds daunting, after her training (which continues though her service) she will be more than ready to pass.

SM. I see, itโ€™s clearly a very proud moment for a girl to pass her assessment, what might be her typical day after that?

LO. We try to ensure all chattels work no more than 16 hour days, but they may be specifically requested to attend an orgy or serve a senior aristocrat for longer if needs be. My chattels spend the majority of their Service pleasuring those who are much older...

So her day might involve being used as a human urinal by up to ten older Dukes first thing in the morning, this is a tradition going back hundreds of years.

Then she might attend the office of a Judge and satisfy him orally and proceed to a party in the Crown Princesses play room where she might be flogged by guests - which is where her pain tolerance training is so important!

After lunch a Duchess might fist her bottom or vagina and then afterwards there may well be an orgy to attend where she will copulate with dozens of aristocrats and guests...every day and every night is always different, exciting and challenging, but always something a chattel can be proud of when she has done her duty.

We also assigned chattels to working parties every day to assist in the general running of the Harem itself.

Of course, it is no longer the middle ages, so we also give a girl one weekend off to see her family once every year, albeit wearing specialised chastity clothing to protect her from any temptation of use by commoners!

SM. Itโ€™s such an honour to serve at the palace, are there facilities in the harem for recreation?

LO. All chattels must maintain their correct weight and physical strength in our fine gym and we provide hairdressers, manicurists, waxers and medical staff. Food is provided from the same kitchens as the palace itself and the harem even has a swimming pool, and tennis courts, we require all chattels to maintain a healthy sun tan!

Of course, we also must maintain strict discipline and disobedience is always punished.

SM. Can you give me an example of punishment?

LO. Certainly... punishments are carried out in the basements of the beautiful harem building. As you have heard we train our chattels to a high level of pain tolerance and thus any punishment must, by nature, surpass that level.

In general, a chattel can expect to spend any time from 2 hours to a week in punishment, depending on her offence, during this time she will be held in various bondage-stress positions and caned and flogged on her bottom, breasts and vulva as we see fit.

She will only eat and drink from a bowl whilst in the punishment rooms and her ablutions occur in a bucket. She may also be chained in a cell for good measure. I demand complete obedience and total devoted service from all my chattels...

Generally every girl will be punished once in a while, because they always remember how bad it can be it serves as an excellent lesson! Also, every chattel has an oversized anal hook fitted to her body size and this will always be inserted for up to 12 hours after her punishment.

SM. And are chattels allowed any personal possessions, clothing, jewels and so forth?

LO. From the day she enters the harem until the day she leaves a chattel will always be naked unless she dresses for service in the palace in clothing requested by an aristocrat, this clothing is put on when she leaves the harem, in a "preparation hall" and removed whenever she returns. Stockings, for instance, are often requested.

We do not expect the girls to be barefoot however and they always wear high heel shoes provided by us.

We also provide make-up and very fine toiletries for them to maintain their looks and perfect cleanliness at all times.

It is also very possible that those favourites of certain aristocrats may well be given gifts of jewels worth many Molonian Slotzy and these we will store for them until they wear them for service and until they depart the service. We also issue writing material and diaries as we encourage them to take nots and record the sexual preferences of those they serve, to improve their services, and to take notes in the daily lessons they must attend after their hours of work.

SM. Very understandable. Might I ask if you enjoyed your time as a chattel and what advice you would give to girls wanting to be selected to serve Their Majesties?

LO. It was and still is an honour to serve. To be available as a chattel for Their Majesties is always wonderful and I highly RECOMMEND it to any loyal Molonian girl who wishes to serve her country, assist and honour her family and enjoy the company of other beautiful young women in the service of Their Imperial Majesties Court. A commoner wishing to be chosen only has to ensure she is always beautiful when naked and ready to offer herself to a Procurer if asked... we will find her!

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