Mistaken Identity

Mistaken Identity

You've been mistaken for someone else.

Chapter 1 by grimbous grimbous

You step out of the office building onto the busy city street, the sidewalk is crowded with 9-to-5ers rushing to get home for the weekend. It is late afternoon and the heat of the day is just starting to abate. You see a woman who was on the panel in the job interview you just had rush past you to grab a cab. She must have been in the very next elevator after yours. As she settles into the taxi you make eye contact with her You see a moment of recognition then her eyes dart away as she pretends not to have seen you. Probably not a good sign. The shit cherry atop your shit week.

This was the week where everything finally fell apart. You'd been "downsized" three months ago but had remained positive. Sure the economy was rough and you weren't as young as you used to be but you had skills and experience and a can-do attitude. You hit the ground running, ready for a change. It had not gone well.

Your relationship with your girlfriend was the first thing to suffer. She did not take the news well, berating you for not being ambitious enough in your career. Things began to spiral downwards, arguments were had and things that could not be unsaid were said. You haven't talked to her since Monday but you were supposed to get together with her this weekend. You knew that wasn't going to happen.

Your savings, meager as they were, had just run out. Yesterday you sold your car to get rent and pay bills. You kept a little pocket money for the weekend.

The last three months of pounding the pavement looking for work has been soul crushing. They were always looking for someone younger, someone cheaper, someone more qualified, someone less qualified, someone that wasn't you. You have had to get increasingly less particular with what jobs you were applying to, and still no luck.

The only positive is that you were downtown on a Friday in your best suit with 90 bucks in your pocket and nothing tying you down. Tonight you were going to get laid.

Just then a sleek black limousine pulls up and parks beside you. You stop to look, its dark tinted windows gives you no clue as to who is inside. Suddenly the doors open and two large men in dark grey suits firmly direct you into into the vehicle. They aren't hurting you but they are forceful. You could struggle, but a mixture of confusion and curiosity causes you to just go with it.

You are guided into the soft leather seats. The doors slam and the car pulls away from the curb. It is dark and your eyes begin to adjust...

Who are you mistaken for?

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