Guardian Of Destiny

Guardian Of Destiny

When reality breaks down you get sent back to a world of your choice.

Chapter 1 by TheDespaxas TheDespaxas

On a day like any other you are walking out of your home to buy something in a hurry. On the sidewalk is a strange glistening surface floating in the air.

Humanity didn't end up where it is now by ignoring things that stimulate its natural curiosity.

You do the only sensible thing and touch it to see what it is.

To your surprise what you had taken for a surface is a hole! As soon as you put a finger in it you are sucked into it to reappear in the dark immensity of space.

A large figure, impossible to tell how huge as you have nothing to use to scale it is standing in front of you.

Wait, you? To your horror you don't seem to have a body anymore. You would have screamed but are unable to do so.

"Interesting! This is unforseen, I see all it shouldn't happen. " says a figure in a suit, its head a featureless mask, its skin made of reflective silver.

"it looks like an human mind ended up here, how did this happen?" you hear.

"where are my manners, I am the Guardian Of Destiny, I'm in charge of this multiverse . Oh, I see! I was doing some maintenance on your universe and you fell into an access hatch. I'm sorry but some work is required sometimes to conserve the space-time continuum. " it continues.

You are full of questions for this cosmic entity but are unable to say anything.

"Ah yes, you mortals have trouble without flesh bodies. You are only a mind now, your body cannot exist here. The problem is that when the hatch closed the universe was updated and without your mind in it all trace of you disappeared. Even I can't know who you were or send you back home. " says the entity.

" Of course it isn't your fault so as reparations I will send you back to a brand new word built so you have a place in it, I even give you a custom built body and do some adjustments to this universe it for you. I owe you this after that thing about erasing you. " it offers, once again you have no way to reply.

" let see what you were thinking about when you passed the rift... Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex, what is it with you organisms, it's the only thing you think about. Well I think I have found what to do. " he concludes.

"It might be strange but it is what you want, your mind is clear on that." he points.

He snaps his fingers and when he was finished you open your eyes to find you are back in a street. The good news is that you have eyes now.

Looking around you try to figure out what is different in this world than in the old one.

Who are you and what is different in this world?

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