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Chapter 2 by TheDespaxas TheDespaxas

Who are you and what is different in this world?

Jonathan Troy : maxi world.

Your name is Jonathan Troy and you are a 18 years old high school student. You are quite athletic, being on your school swim team. You were walking to school despite this being a Saturday because the coach told you they received the new competition swimsuits and you wanted to go pick yours.

You remember losing yourself in the endless void behind the strange hole in reality that was over the sidewalk and the one-sided discussion you had with the Guardian of Destiny. You have no idea what he went to look at in your brain or what is different in the world he sent your back.

You know only two things, you are naked and locked in a dark place that is moving.

You bump around and touch strange items the you don't recognize right away. That is until the wall you were resting against light up and reveal itself to be the screen of a smart phone that is about as long as your current hight. The light it's emitting shows you that you are in a purse the size of a room, with make up, phone, keys, hairbrush and even a tampon.

It's insane, he sent you in a world where you are toy-sized.

You ask yourself two questions though.

Whose purse it is? And do they know a naked small man is in it?

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