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Chapter 2 by TheDespaxas TheDespaxas

Who are you and what is different in this world?

Helen Swift : mini world

Your name is Helen Swift and you are a 19 year old college student, you were out to go to class when you stumbled upon the gap in reality. You have brown eyes, dark hair that you keep short and some generous but not excessive curves (you are happy to have bigger tits than both your sisters.). The thing about yourself that is bugging you is your height as you are only 5ft tall where both your sisters are 6ft tall.

You are still a bit confused about what just happened. You are a bit cold and look down.
You stand naked on some grass, you can spot some little lines in the grass, it looks like you are on a miniature football field.

This mysterious entity saw your size issues in your mind and sent you back to a world where you are 30ft tall. You can spot all around you, house and cars 1/6th of the size you are used to.

"I must be dreaming and if it's true why couldn't he send me back with clothes on? " you remark to yourself.

There is on question you ask yourself.

Did he make it normal for you to be that big or will people panic seeing a building sized girl?

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