Fate/CHYOA Edition

Fight (and fuck) your way to winning the Grail!

Chapter 1 by eval.vmware eval.vmware

A/N: OK! First story. Been watching Fate/stay night again and reading some eroge around it, really want to get into writing in this space! Welcome Fate/CHOYA Edition! This story will probably be heavier on the fighting aspects than most CHOYA stories but will definitely have the smexy bits you've come to expect on CHOYA!

This story is open to the public. Rules of the story are at the bottom as well as a chapter with servant data cards.

Fuyuki City, Japan. You are Shirou Emiya, an amateur mechanic who attends a shool called Homurahara Gakuen in the city. You are male, 18 years old, with Auburn hair and golden-brown colored eyes. You stand at about 5 and a half feet tall and are just above a featherweight at 127 pounds. You typically dress in casual attire, consisting of a blue and white long sleeve baseball jersey t-shirt with blue jeans while not at school. During school, you wear the academy uniform jacket with the baseball jersey underneath.

You lead a mostly normal life. It's been 10 years since Kiritsugu Emiya saved you from the great fire, and 5 years since his death. You work hard around the house and repair things at the school as a handyman, which helps pay some of your living expenses. Your long time neighbor, friend, and English teacher Taiga has been watching over and visiting you frequently since your adoptive father's death. She's a fierce one, but you know she has a kind heart and means well.

You lead as much of a normal life as you can. Your long-time classmate and friend Sakura coming over, you teaching her cooking has lead to excellent meals in the Emiya house, which Taiga heartily wolfs down. Sakura has a serious crush on you, which you're currently oblivious to. Everything is as normal as can be, but unbeknownst to you, the fifth holy grail war has begun. Masters have already summoned their servants and begin to fight.

One fateful night finds you walking home, late. You hear the sounds of fighting coming from nearby, the clanging of metal on metal reverberating through the cold, empty street. You look through a metal chain link fence to see a man dressed in blue armor and wielding a lance fighting another person you can't quite make out.

The fight continues for a few seconds until the Lancer notices you. He stops his assault against his opponent and eyes you. "Looks like our business has to wait. We have an audience." Lancer leaps over the fence and levels his lance at you. You gasp and run as hard as you can back into the school, stopping behind a classroom door. You think you've ditched the lancer, and close your eyes for a breather. "That was too close." You open your eyes just in time to watch Lancer spear your heart. "This is your unlucky night. Sorry you disappoint you, kid. But we have a rule, any observers have to die." You collapse on the floor as Lancer leaves.

But it's your lucky day. Tohsaka Rin heals you with one of her most precious jewels. Not so lucky since you're spotted by Lancer on the way back to your home. "Looks like you don't know how to stay dead!" Lancer threatens ominously. You run into your shed, your sanctum in search of anything that can help defend against this man.

You find a steel pipe and quickly reinforce it. Lancer breaks into the room. "Die." Lancer says. You deflect his spear once with the pipe, which shatters instantly upon impact from his spear, knocking you flat on your ass. Lancer approaches with a murderous gleam in his eye. "Now stay dead." Lancer levels his lance at you. Before he strikes, command seals appear on your hand and a Servant is summoned.

Which servant is summoned?

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